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I Love My Life

There are moments when I truly love my life. One them happened last night.

It started with setting up a couple of sets with the gang from Thought Collide. They're shooting this weekend and need to covert a couple of spots in the Hastings Street Ballroom to look like a) a set of offices in a moving company and b) a chic night club.

We finished with that and then went downstairs to hang out with the guys from Helvet1ca as they rehearsed.

Helvet1ca (the band; not the typeface) just totally rocks. Why these guys don't have a big-time recording contract is beyond me.

Okay, wait -- I know why they don't have that record deal.

1. They write their own songs.
2. They play their own instruments.
3. They actually sing -- no pre-recorded music.
4. And they have honest-to-God talent

But hey, I digress.

Anyway, hanging out with those guys for little while was just great. It was the perfect way to end my day and made me forget about everything that's gone wrong this past week.