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I just can't believe it

Yesterday, I thought that if President George W. Bush was twice as smart as he actually is, he'd still be the stupidest man to ever set foot inside the White House.

Today, as I listen to his speech on Iraq, I can't help but feel that I overestimated his intelligence.

There were so many false conclusions and logical inconsistencies that it simply boggles the mind. So many unsubstantiated claims and conclusions. So many things that were just plain wrong.

It amazes me that one person can actually be this stupid. Is it actually possible for someone to have a negative IQ?

There's Only So Much Oil in the Ground

Okay - so this is my fourth blog post in under 24 hours; far more than I've posted in quite sometime. Who knows, it might not even be my last one today.

Regardless, I wanted to mention that Keith Crain, publisher of Crain's Detroit Business, is one of those guys who just make sense. His editorial in this week's issue focuses on our national energy policy - a lack thereof.

The guy just makes sense.

My only beef with him is that he didn't include a single reference to conservation or renewable energy sources in his column. While nuclear energy should be a valuable component to America's overall energy strategy, conservation and renewable sources deserve a lot more attention then they are getting from anyone.

Including Mr. Crain's newspaper. Still, I have to the man some credit. He has talked about the issue with more eloquence and common sense than anyone else I've seen in awhile.

Happy Birthday, Dad

Today would have been my Dad's 70th birthday.

My Mom, my brothers and I had a special memorial mass said for him and went to his grave. It was the first time I had actually been to the grave and I'm embarassed that it's taken me this long to visit it.

It's been just under a year since he left this world and I still miss him. Wherever you are, Dad - happy birthday!

Bravo Bravo! was a blast

Yesterday, after a picnic with some friends, I worked at the 6th Annual Bravo Bravo! with folks from Thought Collide. We filmed a video that is supposed to be used to promote next years' event.

Bravo Bravo! is usually billed as "Detroit's hippest event of the year" and it pretty much lived up to it. (Okay - the premiere of my documentary will probably be a bit hipper in my opinion - but still).

The girls from Detroit Roller Derby were on hand - skating out front and occassionally venturing inside.

Those lovlies from Hell's Belles were keeping things interesting up on the second floor.

A couple dozen bars and restaurants were keeping the food and booze flowing all night long.

I even bumped into some cool folks that I haven't seen in way too long and made a few contacts for upcoming film projects.

It was just so darn cool.

Ronald Ilitch Arrested

Ronald Ilitch was arrested the other day for soliciting a prostitute. Personally, I'm hoping that he's sentenced to cleaning up some of his parent's vacant properties in Detroit.

Emilie Autumn

Okay - so I was browsing the web not too long ago and came across an extremely talented musician by the name of Emilie Autumn. She has more talent and originality then 90% of the folks making music today.

Truly amazing.

You can hear some of her work at

Tigers & Pistons - Joined at the Scoreboard

Okay - this is weird.

On Tuesday, both the Tigers and Pistons won big games. The Tigers climbed above the .500 mark for the first-time in a decade or so. The Pistons won game 6 of the NBA Finals - postponing the Spurs' victory parade.

And then on Thursday, both the Tigers and Pistons lost. The Tigers are still above the .500 mark (knock on wood) but the San Antonio Spurs are the new NBA Champions.

It's just one of the coincidences that I notice.

Woo-hoo!! (Again)

Yesterday was a great day in my life.

First, the Detroit Tigers smacked the Minnesota Twins; winning by a score of 7-2 and pushing their record for this season above the 0.500 mark. It's the first time in a long time they've been able to hit that pivotal point, but I have a feeling they'll stay there for awhile.

Then, not to be outdone, the Pistons forced the San Antonio Spurs to cancel tomorrow's victory parade by winning game 6 of the NBA finals.

Does it get any better than this?


I finally finished production and editing for my documentary on the former Book-Cadillac Hotel. You can find a short (50 sec.) preview of it on-line here.