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Thank you, Clay

According to an article in this month's issue of Science, large animals such as humans would not have been able to evolve if it weren't for clay first appearing in the Earth during the Neoproterozoic Era (roughly one billion to 542 million years ago). Details about this are available at

This is one more thing for me to think about when I see a work of pottery.

Happy Birthday, Blog

This blog is now 2 year's old and this is my 140th post to it. (70 posts per year - 1 or 2 per week - yeah, that sounds about right.)

Anyway, I'm just glad that in those 2 years, no one has tried to collect on "Frank's Blog Guarantee."

Happy Birthday, President Lincoln

Happy 197th birthday to President Abraham Lincoln. He was born this day in 1809 in what is now La Rue County, Kentucky.

I don't know what the man's secret is. After all, he doesn't look a day over 56 in this recent photograph of him. ;-)

Hedrick Wins the Olympic Gold for USA

U.S. Olympic speed-skater Chad Hendrick has won a gold medal for the 500 meter skate. It's the first gold medal for the U.S. team this year.

Here's hoping its the first of many.

Congrats, Chad!

Oh, what a week (again)

Dang, the past ten days or so have been beyond belief.

Super Bowl XL was amazing. I'm thrilled that it went off without any serious hitches - beyond that one shooting that everyone seems to have already forgotten about and, of course, the nightmare that was the shuttle service.

I was in downtown Detroit as the crews were setting up for Super Bowl and the Motown Winter Blast. It was so cool - yet so surreal - to see all of that happening in the middle of Woodward Avenue.

Of course, the highlight for me for all things Super Bowl XL related was being on the field during the half time show. Me and the Rolling Stones.

And thousands and thousands of fans.

I felt kind of bad that they didn't allow any cameras onto the field. Standing on that field and just looking at all of that was happening around was amazing.

Totally beyond belief.

The only thing that could possibly top it was on Tuesday, when my documentary on the Book-Cadillac Hotel had its public premiere. The only thing better th…