Saturday, February 28, 2004

Okay, this is just weird.

About an hour or so ago, someone I don't know called my cell phone. I answered and all I heard was some couple having sex rather loudly.

As I was listening, I kept wondering how these people got my number. (Yeah, I guess that's what I get for posting it on-line). Or better yet, why in world would some call just to have me listen to that?

I mean, is it a weird sort of exhibitionism? Or did they just really want me to have something to write about in my blog?

Oh, and then a few minutes later, I came across this article on-line. Turns out some woman in Germany took her neighbor to court of having sex too loudly.

The phone number that this couple called from is saved in my caller ID. Part of me wants to call them back, just to ask, "what were you thinking?" And part of me just wants to erase it and forget those 38 seconds of my life.


Monday, February 16, 2004

My Rant for Today

Okay, my first thought was to write this big long post how glad I am that Valentine's Day 2004 has come and gone. Or I could write about how I'm already dreading the fact that Valentine's Day 2005 is only 363 days away.

But then I remembered "Frank's Blogger Guarantee."

Since I don't really want to be kicked in the shins any time soon, I'll refrain from any rants about February 14th.

Instead, I'll rant about my car.

It got stolen the other day. It wasn't much (a dark red 1997 Mercury Cougar) but it was mine. And it was fully paid for.

And it was stolen.

And I didn't have any insurance since I was putting all my spare cash towards this upcoming documentary that I want to make this spring.

I was pissed. And I felt like crying. All at the same time.

I guess you could say that half the voices in my head wanted to beat the living crap out of someone. The rest just wanted to lay down and cry.

I did a lot of both for a good day or so. Punching walls. Throwing things. Crying. (All while no one else was around, of course). Worrying about how I was going to get to work and do all of the things that I needed to do. (That one I did no matter who was around).

Not a really great time in my life.

And then I got a phone call.

The Detroit Police Department recovered my car.



But recovered, none the less.

To all the cops out there, thank you. You guys saved my ass that day.

The bill for getting my car out of impound and doing enough repairs for it to be operational again is a little over $1,200. There's some body work that will likely tack another $1,500 or so onto the bill. However, that can wait.

It's still a lot cheaper than buying a new car.

Oh, and all that money that I "saved" by not getting full-coverage on my auto insurance...


I'm a licensed insurance agent. I should have known better. (Yeah, I only sell life & health, but I still should have known better).

Some day, I'll look back on all of this and laugh.

Or cry.

Or better yet -- you use it as an example in one of my sales presentations.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Sometimes it seems there are two George Bush's in the White House.

And no, I don't mean father and son.

It's more like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. One seemingly noble, honest and courageous individual. And one who seems to be doing all he can to screw the nation over.

This week brought one of the most profound examples I've seen to date.

The Dr. Jekyll version of President Bush hit the road recently, with stops in New York, Pennsylvania and Chicago. He talked about the nation's economy and need to put more Americans to work. He talked about re-gaining the 2.3 million jobs that we've lost during the first 3 years of his presidency.

Honest. Noble. Courageous.

And then came the Mr. Hyde version of the Bush Administration.

A report surfaces that President Bush's team thinks it's a good idea for American jobs to be outsourced to third world countries. Their rationale is that outsourcing jobs makes for cheaper products to the end consumer.

Besides the obvious political repercussions that follow something like this, there's the fact that this is incredibly myopic. Who is going to buy this cheaper good or service if everyone is unemployed?

Unemployed workers, contrary to what folks in the Mr. Hyde White House seem to believe, do not buy much in the way of products and services. And those things that they do buy, tend to be limited to only the fundamental staples of life (i.e., food, clothing and shelter).

I mean, when's the last time you saw a homeless person with a sign that read, "Will work for a big screen T.V."?

Also lost in this debate is the fundamental unfairness of outsourcing to third world nations.

The last time I checked, 1 American dollar was worth roughly 43 Indian rupees on the international exchanges. This gives third world nations a huge advantage.

It's possible for an Indian worker to enjoy a fairly comfortable life with an income of only $11,000 U.S. The American, in contrast, cannot do the same thing.

It is that built-in unfairness that makes the whole concept of wide-scale outsourcing possible in the first place.

It also goes against some of the basic concepts that I've always thought make Americans the people that we are. An eagerness to compete, but a unspoken recognition that the competition must be fair.

The political controversy over outsourcing did prompt the Dr. Jekyl President Bush to distance himself from his economic team. Sort of.

He said, "we need to act in this country." However, he didn't say anything about what he was going to do.

He didn't talk about tightening the gap between the U.S. dollar and other currencies to address the fundamental unfairness in the system.

He certainly didn't talk about the $7 trillion national debt or its growing burden on the American economy.

He just left me wondering who was talking. Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?