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Predictions for 2008

2007 is almost over, only a few more hours left. 2008 is almost here. Tom Walsh from the Detroit Free Press already gave us his predictions and the predictions of various other people around town.

Not to be outdone, I give you my predictions for the coming year.

I predict that 2008 will be the year that the Detroit Tigers get to play in the World Series again.

I predict that 2008 will also be the year that a plan to expand Cobo Hall finally get approved.

I'm also going to go out on a limb and say that this year's presidential race will be an interesting one (and I almost mean that in the sense of the Chinese curse). I predict that there will be a serious third party candidate, with Ralph Nader and the Libertarian candidate (possibly Ron Paul) nibbling at the edges. When we go to bed on November 4th, I doubt we will know who our new president is.

The Book-Cadillac Hotel will finally re-open to the public in October, 2008 after being dormant for more than 20 years. (I hear tell,…

Benazir Bhutto Assassinated

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto has been assassinated. It's being widely speculated that al-Queda is behind the assassination. CNN is also reporting that 22 innocent by-standers were also killed in this attack.

While the United States has the bulk of its military assets deployed in Iraq to referee a civil war, one of the most important allies we have in the region is under siege from terrorists.

I pray that this nation's next President has a lot more common sense.

My Post Christmas Rant

Christmas is over for this year. However, I still feel the need to rant about one particular thing.

In the great State of Michigan, it is illegal to sell alcohol after a certain hour on Christmas Eve or at any point on Christmas Day.

Banning the sale of alcohol on the day that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ just seems ridiculous, in my opinion.

The fact of the matter is that alcohol in general, and wine in particular, was a fundamental part of Jesus' life and ministry.

In the second chapter of the Gospel of John, we are told a story of Jesus at a wedding feast at Cana. When the guests had consumed too much wine and their supply had run out, Jesus performed a miracle and made more of it.

The Gospel tells us that he made 6 firkins (150 gallons) of wine and that its quality of the best they had ever had. This means that not only did make a lot of it, he made sure to bring the good stuff.

Jesus continued to make wine a fundamental part of his life and ministry. For example, did …

An Improved Christmas

Christmas 2007 is almost over - just a few more minutes of it are left. I am proud to report that:
I'm not in the hospital;There aren't any tubes sticking out of me;Bright and/or flashing lights no longer cause migraines;I was able to watch an entire movie this afternoon without anyone trying to take a blood sample from me;I remember the names of everyone around me; andMy car is in the same shape today that it was in a few days ago.These may not seem like big things but, to me at least, they are. This has been a much better Christmas than last year.

Best. Videos. Ever.

2007 has been a year of amazing viral videos. The folks at Time compiled their list the best ones. However, I've never been a fan of dancing prisoners or cats playing the piano. With that in mind, I am proud to present my collection of the best viral videos of 2007.

First up, leave it to the folks at The Onion to make everyone wish that we were all poor this holiday season.

We've also seen women in bikinis shape the course of political discourse this year by proclaiming their love for a certain candidate. Quite frankly, I can only hope this continues into 2008 because God knows most of the candidates themselves aren't very interesting. Rudy Giuliani, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney all had their own gyrating women, but let's face it - Taryn Southern's "Hott 4 Hill" blew them all away.

2007 also saw videos become a rallying point for change, the way Woodstock was a generation ago. Just take a look at This Is For The Soldiers:

In addition to all of that, 200…

Who Is Your Publicist?

A few weeks ago, my friend Francis Grunow was named to the "40 under 40" list by Crain's Detroit Business.

And now his wife, Claire Nelson, was on the front page for her work with Open City Detroit.

I love these two. However, I can't help but wonder: who is their publicist?

I Love eBay

It took me awhile, but thanks to the wonders of eBay, I finally tracked down a copy of Headless Body in Topless Bar.

I'm sure this is one of the cheesiest movies ever made. It's just a guess, because I haven't seen it.

However, I don't care. I simply love the title so much that when I found such a DVD on eBay, I had to buy it.

It's Time for "Once"

Today is December 18th. This means that Once is now available on DVD. Trust me - this movie is really, really good.

Its plot is very simple. Boy meets girl. Boy loses girl. Boy tries to get girl back.

However, they did such a great job at executing that simple plot - everything from the acting to the music to costumes to you name it - it was just that good.

Visit Detroit (Via Lego Land)

Okay - it's almost midnight. I should be getting to bed so I'm not a zombie at work tomorrow. But it's not like I'm going to fire myself. (I have to wait for my clients to do that.)

Anyway, I was surfing the web and found a Detroit cityscape that was made entirely out of Legos.

It is so darn cool!

Although, I have to say that the People Mover does look a bit different from what I recall.

You can see all of the photos here.

D Tales, D Tales

Detroit has a new gossip blog - D Tales - one that is surely destined to put Gawker, Wonkette and the others to shame. The new blog is complete with details about who is dating who (or no longer dating), what happened at the coolest of parties and who should simply be thrown in front of a bus.

I wasn't thrilled with its repeated slamming of Detroit Synergy and my blood pressure went up when the author made a passing jab at the Girl-in-the-D. However, the fact of the matter is that great writing is still great writing.

Full Disclosure: For anyone who doesn't know it, I'm on the Steering Team for Detroit Synergy. As for the Girl-in-the-D, she and her husband have been friends of mine for years. In that regard, I'm more than a bit defensive when it comes to things like this.

Still, I've learned to take all of this in stride.

However, I do have my limits. If D Tales ever starts talking trash about one of John Hodgman's favorite photographers then I will have to h…


From the mouth of babes, the Good Book tells us, can come enormous strength and wisdom.

Of course, sometimes it simply comes from an animated cartoon that I found on-line after clicking one of Liza's links.

Can there be any wonder then, why it is that John Hodgman keeps using her work for his blog.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow

A severe winter storm blew through Detroit late last night/ early this morning. I've got a little over eight inches of fluffy, white snow on the ground in front of my house now. (That's twenty one centimeters for my dear readers who log-in from countries that use the metric system.)

It's the perfect day to settle down with a warm blanket, a couple of DVDs and a bottle of whiskey. The latter one, of course, is required to calm my nerves about driving through this mess to get to work tomorrow.

Put Your Hands Up

I found Feddie le Grand's video for "Put Your Hands Up for Detroit" on YouTube.

Ah, if only the real Detroit was an cool as the one in the video. (Or at least had so many hot women taking their clothes off to test my reaction to them.)

God Loves Me

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is on television right now! (I'm typing this during a commercial break.)

God loves me!

Liza Thinks for Me

Liza left a comment on one of my previous posts about how she thought of me when she saw a certain cartoon. I got to admit, I thought of me when I saw it as well.

Click Here to See the Cartoon

Irony: Thy Name Is Google

I checked out Google Analytics this morning, which tells where people who visit this blog are coming from. I discovered, much to my amusement, that if one does a Google search then not only do I rank 8th out of 1.9 million when it comes to "dating in your 30s" but I also rank 7th out of 2 million for "cool wedding cakes".

So, a single guy who hasn't been on an actual date in roughly two months, writes one of the highest ranked blogs for both dating and wedding cakes.

Irony: thy name is Google.