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Syfy Releases 3 Special Holiday Episodes

The folks at Syfy have release all-new sneak peeks for the upcoming Holiday Episodes for Eureka, Warehouse 13, and Haven premiering next Tuesday, December 6.

In Eureka, Jack and Jo find themselves lost on their way to the photon generator and appear to run into the nature-loving Taggart, who has transformed into a polar bear living in an ice cave. Hospitable Taggart quickly offers penguin tartar when not before long, Jack gets nauseated at the sight and runs off looking for Andy.
In the Warehouse 13 sneak peek, Pete is seen reaching high on the shelves to put back Rudolph's nose, when suddenly he falls on the slippery snow on the ground, taking down several other pieces with him. He returns these items back onto the shelf and heads back inside. Upon entering he notices two investigators and quickly asks Pete to show his hands. Taking it as a prank from Artie, Pete tells him to come out but instead we see MacPherson appear and claim he hasn't worked there for years.
On Haven, A…

First Lingerie Football, Now a Topless Basketball League?

A group of nightclub owners got together in the midst of the NBA lockout and decided a topless basketball league would be a great idea to keep interest up in the sport since there probably wasn’t going to be a season, according to the Courier Mail.
I would like to take a moment to say that I love America.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Another Outstanding Show

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show just finished its annual telecast for 2011. It was another outstanding telecast. They refer to it as "the sexiest hour of television" and it certainly lived up to its billing.
The outfits were amazing and sexy.

The musical performances by Kanye West, Maroon 5, and Nicki Minaj were each top-notched as well.
All of it added up to fantastic television.

Personally, I would have liked to have seen less "behind the scenes" footage and more of the show itself. (In my opinion, "behind the scenes" stuff is better for the internet.) However, I have come to accept that I am in the minority opinion on that one.

Pan Am Is NOT Canceled

Karine Vanesse, one of the stars of ABC's new drama Pan Am, tweeted earlier today that the show had been cancelled. ABC, however, was quick to announce that it had not been canceled.
And now, it was announced on the Pan Am Facebook page that the show will continue for a full season.
I don't know the source of this confusion. However, I 'm thrilled that this show will continue. It has a lot of potential, in my opinion, and is really starting to get good.

Keira Knightley in "Neverland"

Keira Knightley - or rather her voice - is in the Syfy original movie Neverland, which premieres Sunday, December 4th and Monday, December 5th at 9/8c. When I saw the trailer for this one, two thoughts came to mind.
First, I think this will be a really good movie. I like the idea of showing what Peter Pan was like before we got to know him in that classic tale.
Second, this trailer confirms that Keira Knightley can indeed drive me wild with nothing more than her voice. I think it's because her voice reminds me of the rest of her.

HGTV "Selling Spelling Manor"

Candy Spelling had just 30 days to move out after closing the sale on Spelling Manor, the 56,500 square foot family home where she and television producer, the late Aaron Spelling entertained presidents, royalty and Hollywood legends. HGTV's Selling Spelling Manor will premiere on Thursday, December 15 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
The show invites viewers along as Candy gives an exclusive tour of the mansion's more than 15 specialty areas, including a bowling alley; a billiard room; an arcade; a collector's gallery with more than 700 dolls; a projection room with a large-scale screen and full surround sound; a china room; a silver room with place settings for more than 50; a gift room with accompanying custom-designed gift-wrapping room; a design studio to capture photos of jewelry and other personal items for online auctions; and a collection fine art originals, including one of the famous Dogs Playing Poker paintings.

Why I'm Glad Nickleback Will Play Thanksgiving Day

I very well may be the only person in Detroit who feels this way, but I'm happy that Nickelback is going to play the halftime show on Thursday.
The way I figure it, no matter what happens on Thanksgiving, we're pretty much guaranteed that the Detroit Lions won't have the worst performance of the day.

Falling in Love with "Geek Love"

Geek Love is a a two-part special that is coming to TLC on December 18th at 9PM (ET/PT). I'm already falling in love with the show, just from the video clip above.
Nerd-tastic Ryan Giltch, founder of Sci-Fi Speed Dating, will bring viewers into the fun, quirky and sometimes bizarre world of geek-focused speed dating on TLC's new special Geek Love. Two half hour specials have been ordered and will air back to back 
Glitch sets up speed dating at events like Comic-Con, bringing like-minded people together to embrace their quirkiness and find love. When comic and sci-fi fans can't find someone to share their passion, they turn to Glitch. Viewers will get an insider's look at the stories behind the daters and witness their journey throughout the speed dating session at New York's Comic-Con.

RIP - Lee Pockriss of the "Itsy, Bitsy, Teeny, Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini"

Lee Pockriss, who wrote such catchy songs as "Itsy, Bitsy, Teeny, Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini", passed away at his home last week at the age of 87. He went on to write music for The Muppets as well as movies like Sister Act 2 and Revenge of the Nerds 2.
Lee Pockriss will be missed by all who love music.

John Myhre Named Production Designer for Oscar Night

A press release came across my desk recently, announced that John Myhre had been named production designer for the 84th Annual Academy Awards. The odd thing is that I had to do a double take when I saw it.
I could have sworn, when I first saw it, that it said John Mayer was named production designer for the telecast. This prompted me to wonder why a singer was designing the production - for about 5 seconds until figured it all out.
Will someone please tell me that I'm not the first person to confuse John Myhre with John Mayer?

"South Park" - Goes for a 20th Season

Comedy Central announced yesterday that will extend cable television's longest-running animated series, South Park. The deal for three additional seasons ensures the top-rated Emmy® and Peabody Award-winning series will remain in original episodes through 2016 and a milestone 20th season.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone will continue to write, direct, and edit every episode of South Park, as they have since the premiere of this series in 1997.
I'm happy to see South Park continue. Of course, I also can't help but wonder if Comedy Central is financing this entire project by cashing in on Kenny's life insurance policies.

"Gold Rush" - Number One TV Show for Men

I posted two weeks ago about how Gold Rush was the number one television show among men - excluding the Game 7 of the World Series - which, I thought, really wasn't saying a whole lot. However, for last week, they were simply the number one show on television for men - without any exclusions.
The all-new premiere of Discovery Channel's hit series Gold Rush on Friday, November 11 was the number one program in all of television during prime time (no exclusions) among Men 25 - 54 ratings and delivery.  The third episode of season two, titled "Family Feud," was also #2 in all of television among Men 18 - 49 (behind  only College Basketball on ESPN). This week's premiere telecast earned a 2.84 HH / 2.11 P25-54 AA%, delivering an average of 4.15 million viewers (P2+).  As with last week, Gold Rush was the top program in key demographics, finishing as the #1 cable program (no exclusions) among Persons 25-54 / 18-49, Men 25-54 /18-49, and Women 25-54 ratings and deliver…

Irish Dancing Tweens

Irish Dancing Tweens (working title), is a new show from TLC, is set to begin production this week. Eight-episodes have been ordered and will take viewers into the world of competitive Irish Dance. Behind the military-precise team dances and fey-like solo routines is the harsher reality of the dance world - demanding coaches, competitive mothers, and hours upon hours of practice. The series will make its US debut in the summer of 2012 and its international debut later in the year.
I have to admit - I didn't even know that there was such a thing as "competitive Irish Dance."

I Found iJustine's Doppleganger

There's a theory that all of us have a doppleganger. That is someone who naturally looks just like us.

I believe that I have found Justine Ezarik's doppleganger. She, of course, is more commonly known as iJustine and she creates videos for YouTube.
Her doppleganger's name is Svetlana, although her last name is unknown. She is from Kherson, which is medium sized city (population 329,000) in southern Ukraine.
Of course, Svetlana doesn't make videos for YouTube like her double. Instead, she is on-line looking for a husband. She is a 22 year old manicurist and mail order bride.
All of this makes me wonder if any of iJustine's fans would consider marrying Svetlana and bringing her to the United States so they could have their own Justine Ezarik.
I also wonder if Justine Ezarik has ancestors from the Ukraine. If so, Svetlana could be a long lost cousin of hers.
You can see more iJustine/Justine Ezarik here. More information and photographs of Svetlana is available here.

What Is America Worth?

Donald Trump, the man who once promised to bring us shocking new details about President Barack Obama's birth certificate, has a special on the Discovery Channel later this evening. In it, he will discuss how much America is worth - from our infrastructure to our real estate.
This looks interesting, but it would still have a lot more credibility if it wasn't hosted by Donald Trump. Or, as I prefer to think of him, America's Birther-in-Chief.

Women in Bikinis = Tools?

An article published in Scientific American recently suggests that men tend to view a woman dressed in a bikini in much the same way that they would view tools. Quite frankly, I find this conclusion hard to believe.
Perhaps we should test this theory by having a group of women walk around town in bikinis, with each one carrying a power tool. This would be purely in the interest of science, of course.

Changes at the Oscars

Brett Ratner resigned as producer of the 84th Annual Academy Awards in the wake an uproar from anti-gay comments that he made. The Academy released a statement saying, in summary, that they wished him well but that derogatory comments such as his had comments.
Soon after, it was announced that Eddie Murphy had resigned as host of the Oscars. He was, of course, a longtime creative partner of Mr. Ratner's.
Personally, I think this is a great combination of resignations. It means that there probably won't be any gay-bashing at the Oscars this year and we'll be able to get a host who is actually funny.

Jet. Pack. Lessons. Who Is With Me?

I know three simple words that have the potential to change your life forever.

Those words are: Jet. Pack. Lessons.
Who wants to join me?

Amanda Seyfried Does Porn + "Pan Am" Gets 5

Amanda Seyfried will appear in a biopic of Lucy Loveless, the star of the legendary porn flick Deep Throat. Also, ABC has ordered 5 new episodes of the show Pan Am.

Casting for "Antique Market Wars"

Doron Ofir Casting and the producers of the hit series and the forerunner of television's popular antiques and collectibles genre, Antiques Roadshow, are currently casting for a new adventure for treasure seekers: Antique Market Wars.
Antique Market Wars is a brand new competition series in which four antiques professionals will embark on a nationwide treasure hunt for vintage valuables and find out once and for all which expert has the best eye for antiques. These antiquers aren't your amateur-weekend-flea-market hobbyists - they are pros, here to compete against each other in a once-in-a-lifetime cross-country trip to uncover hidden gems and rusty gold.

If you or someone you know is an authority on antiques - whether it be Hollywood memorabilia, Renaissance furniture, Japanese art or the American Frontier -- the producers want to hear from you! Experts in all fields of antiques are encouraged to apply for this rare opportunity to share their knowledge and become a household …

Stupid Press Release

I got a press release today from someone who obviously doesn't have a calendar handy. It starts out:
New Viral Site Just In Time for Halloween | Courtesy of THE WOMAN IN BLACK The emphasis on the words "just in time for Halloween" is, of course, mine.

Did I mention that I received this today?

Spanking Keira Knightley

The trailer for Keira Knightley's new movie A Dangerous Method is now on-line.

I was excited about this movie when I first heard about it because:
This film involves Keira Knightley getting spanked andI'm a pervert. However, as I watch the trailer, I have to confess that the film contains other exciting elements beyond simply spanking Keira Knightley. It looks like a really great and truly thought-provoking film from director David Cronenberg and writer Christopher Hampton.
But I'm still a pervert.

"Pan Am" - The Best of Episodes and the Worst

Article first published as TV Review: Pan Am - The Genuine Article on Blogcritics.
Episode 6 of this season’s Pan Am aired this past Sunday. It featured Maggie (played by Christina Ricci) trying to hold onto her job at the airline during a flight to Rio de Janeiro and showed us why that job is so important to her. Meanwhile, Kate (played by Kelli Garner) stayed in New York to handle a difficult mission for the CIA.
This episode, quite frankly, reminded me of A Tale of Two Cities – and not just because of its frequent references to world literature. It really was the best of times and the worst.
The story arc that found Maggie in Rio was spectacular. It showed us much of Maggie’s back story without getting in the way of its main story. The interplay between Maggie and Laura (played by Margot Robbie) reminded us why these are two of the most critically acclaimed young actresses in the business today.
They took each scene and fully made it their own. I also really like the photograph…

"Gold Rush" - ALMOST the Number 1 Show Among Men

The Discovery Channel sent around a press release today, touting the fact that their new show, Gold Rush was the number on program in all of television Friday night among men - excluding Game 7 of the World Series.
The last seven words in that sentence change a lot of things. It's like the New York Mets issuing a press release saying that they're the best baseball team in New York, with the exception of the Yankees.
Okay - that's not entirely true. There's a lot of other programming on Friday night television besides Gold Rush and the World Series. Regardless, the fact that the World Series was a part of the equation does change a lot of things.
Let's see if Gold Rush can continue to hold it own in the weeks to come.