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I Love YouTube

I laughed so hard from watching this video that I out of my chair.

The Dangers of Oral Sex!

Weirdness on the Set

I was working on the set for a local band's music video the other day. It's been awhile since I've done one. I figured it was about time.

Anyway, the band had some fans show up to be groupies for this video. The interesting thing is that one of the young women who came clearly had more stuffed into her tube top than just herself.

At first, I didn't think much about it. She wasn't the first woman to try such a thing and I doubt she'll be the last.

The problem was that after an hour or so, whatever was in her top started to fall downwards. It wasn't long before her "boobs" were extending almost to her abdomen. (How it was that she didn't notice herself is beyond me, but that's another subject all together.)

I knew I couldn't put something like this in the video, but I really wasn't sure how a gentleman could possibly tell a woman something like this.

I called one of my friends, Lee Runchey, hoping to get some advice on how to convey…

Great Minds Think Alike

It looks like I'm not the only person who is a fan of Keira Knightley.

Ever since the two of them started working together in the upcoming movie The Edge of Love, Sienna Miller simply cannot stop singing Keira's praises according to a recent published report.

I have to say, though, after reading more about The Edge of Love, I'm really looking forward to seeing it.

Not only does it have Keira Knightly and Sienna Miller; it's also being directed by John Maybury, who directed Keira in another cool indie flick The Jacket.

Plus, as if that's not enough, the screenplay for The Edge of Love was written by Sharman MacDonald - Keira Knightley's mother.

With all of that tying things together, life on the set of The Edge of Love must have been interesting.

DC vs. Marvel

In the spirit of the PC/Mac commercials, someone has posted a series of DC/Marvel comics commericials on YouTube. They simply crack me up.

This is the most recent one.

The rest of them are available here.

Saks Shoe Department Gets Its Own ZIP Code

There are something that I simply can't believe when their forwarded to me by email. I'm not talking about the ones that claim I'll make oddles of cash by forwarding some stupid email to 10 of my friends. I know enough not to fall for that cyber-garbage.

I'm talking about the news stories that I get. The ones so odd that they make me do a double take.

Saks Fifth Avenue is a perfect example of this. The Associated Press reported recently that the U.S. Postal Service had issued the shoe department at Saks.

A shoe department with its own ZIP code?

Granted, it's an impressive shoe department:
8,500 square foot showroom;VIP room for private shopping;Shoe repair available;
Spacious seating; and
Refreshments (to prolong the dropping in "shop 'til you drop").
Of course, in hindsight, I shouldn't be too suprised that Saks convinced the post office to issue a ZIP code for its shoe department. It all goes back to what Seth Godin talked about in his book The Pur…