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Sarah Michelle Gellar: Desperate For Topless Role

It seems like Sarah Michelle Gellar, arguably one of the hottest women in Hollywood is desperate for a role that would allow her to go topless.

I don't know how most Hollywood producers handle things like this. However, speaking purely as a guy, if a woman who looks like her wants to take her top off on camera then I'm all in favor of it.

Beam Him Up, God

James Doohan, the legendary actor who played Scotty on the original Star Trek TV, passed away this morning. He was 85 and lived the kind of life that most people dream of living. He will be missed.

It's amazing, though - the kind of things that you learn about a person only when you're reading their obituary. For example, I've seen him perform on at least a hundred ocassions - in film and on TV, not to mention interviews. In all of that time, I never noticed that he was missing a finger on his right hand.

According to his obituary, he lost it during the D-Day invasion when he was a lieutenant with the Canadian army. He was very good at hiding it on screen. When I look at some of the photos of him, it was only after reading about it that I noticed that he never showed any of the fingers on his right hand yet still made it seem natural.

Okay - one last post about Deep Imact

Watching the actual Deep Impact collision is just so dang cool. I've always had an affinity for stuff that blows up without killing or injuring anyone. Plus, I've always had an affinity for science in general and outer space in particular.

Combine the two and you have one happy Frankie. God, I love this stuff.

Anyway, y'all can see the actual collision here.

1 In A Billion

I was trying to log on to NASA's Deep Impact site last night/this morning to watch the mission unfold. I had trouble doing so. Luckily, CNN eventually cut in to show at least a portion of it (about 5 mins).

I now know why it was so hard for me to log on --- there were roughly 1 billion people trying to watch it, just like me. Obviously, their servers were a bit overloaded.

As an aside note, why was it that the coverage for it came from CNN International? It was an American space probe. What is? Did George W. Bush not spoon-feed the story to enough American journalists to make them want to cover it?


Anyway, there was some great coverage of it on Yahoo! News today. At least someone gets the story.

Enough Is Enough!

The Detroit News ran an article on the front page of today's newspaper about how the City of Detroit has paid $280,000 under Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick for upgrades and maintenance for his official residence, the Manoogian Mansion. Personally, I'm getting fed up with these stories.

It's not that I've suddenly become an apologist for the Big Diamond. It's not even that I think it's okay for a cash-strapped city to pay that much to house its chief executive.

The fact of the matter is that if he can raise a couple million dollars for his re-election bid then he should be able raise enough money to cover the cost of upkeep at the Mansion.

The thing that truly annoys me about The Detroit News in general, and this article in particular, is that they're covering subject like this instead much more meaningful ones.

Just last month, some tried repeatedly to run down a pregnant woman in front of my house. When I called to the police, the 9-1-1 dispatcher told me that ther…

Deep Impact w/ Success

NASA's Deep Impact Mission to explore a comet was a resounding success. And I am so geeked about it!!!

Good job, guys.

Good Bye & Good Riddance

Norm Olson, co-founder of the Michigan Militia, has announced that he is leaving Michigan forever. He is selling everything he has in Alanson, Michigan and moving to Nikiski, Alaska - an area where he claims "the political atmosphere is more condusive to liberty and freedom."

This is the man who publicly argued that the Oklahoma City bombing was the work of the Japanese government. He later revised his comments to say that it was the work of the Central Intelligence Agency. Of course, he offered nothing to support either of his preposterous theories.

He later tried putting together a group of militia members to storm the Florida hospice where Terry Shiavo was and take her a "safe house". I'm not sure how much better that would have been for her since feeding tubes and other equipment needed to care from a comatous patient aren't that easy to find nor can they be administered by someone who lacks proper medical training.

He's already proven himself to …

The Fireworks Were A Blast

The 42nd Annual International Freedom Festival Fireworks were this past Wednesday. At risk of making the worst pun ever, the fireworks were a blast.

Of course, as if the fireworks themselves wasn't cool enough in and of itself, there's also people that I met at Matt & Kim's fireworks party. Heck, I even met the world famous Girl in the D.