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Another Weird Dream

I had another weird dream last night.

I was sharing a large house with a group of my friends. At the end of the day, they all went to bed with their respective spouses and/or significant others. I, however, went to bed with a copy of my manuscript.
I'm just glad that I didn't wake up with morning with a paper cut in any inappropriate places.

Too Sexy to Teach?

American-born model and teacher Michela Roth, age 38, was fired recently from her job teaching nursery school in Italy. Parents were apparently upset about some of the lingerie photos that she took as a model, which evidently established her as being unfit to teach.
Personally, I think the parents and Michela Roth's school overreacted in this situation. None of the photographs were around any of the children. The children were never around any of the modelling sessions nor otherwise exposed to it.
Plus, these are nursery school children. They haven't figured out how to work Google yet. It's not like they are going to find these photos of Michela Roth and develop some "hot for teacher" fetish.
In the end, the only person that I think should be fired was the photographer who took the pictures such as the one above. Harsh direct lighting on a 38 year old model? What was that person thinking?

Simone Farrow: International Drug King?

Famed bikini model Simone Farrow was arrested recently in her native Australia. Police allege that she was the mastermind behind an international drug cartel that traffic in methamphetamines between the United States and Australia.
My first thought upon reading of Simone Farrow's arrest was: well, that's one way to stuff a bikini.
Although, I have to admit that Simone Farrow's arrest does turn an interesting page. A lot of models over the years have gone to great lengths to prove that they can do more than just look good in a bikini.
Simone Farrow one-upped all of them by being the mastermind of an international crime syndicate.
And, yes, I do realize how terrible all of these thoughts are.

Who Is the REAL Mitt Romney?

I found this video on-line and I love it.

Will the REAL Mitt Romney Please Stand-Up? (featuring Eminem) is one of the best pieces of video editing I've seen in awhile. I love it.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I want to wish a Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of the readers of my personal blog (all three dozen of you). In honor of the Feast of St. Patrick, I wanted to share a song from one of my favorite Irish rock bands of all. I give you "My Town" by The Young Dubliners.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

Fabulous at 50

My Google News Alerts will blowing up recently with updates about Nancy Dell'Olio'sbikini photo shoot for Hello! magazine. Once I saw the photos, I have to say that I wasn't surprised to see so many people talking about it.
Not only did Nancy Dell'Olio and the folks at Hello! recreate the famous bikini scene from Dr. No, but they proved that this woman still looks awesome at 50.
Quite frankly, I think Nancy Dell'Olio looks better in a bikini in age 50 than some woman in their 20s do.

A Modest Compromise in the Contraceptive Debate

On behalf of Democrats everywhere, I would like to propose a modest compromise in the ongoing debate over contraceptives. We'll forget about requiring insurance companies to cover contraceptives if conservatives throughout this great nation simply reimburse the U.S. Treasury for the cost of the Iraq War.
As it is, I find it ironic that certain people have no problems what so ever borrowing a trillion dollars or so from China for one thing but are suddenly frugal when a tiny fraction of that amount is on the line.

And for those who say that the contraceptive debate is about religious freedom; that one should not be forced to have their tax dollars used for things that are contrary to their religious beliefs, I would simply like to remind everyone that one of the earliest and most vocal critics of the Iraq War was Pope John Paul II. His Holiness repeatedly argued that the war was contrary to Christian teachings. In spite of that, those who found the war to be contrary to their reli…