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Too Darn Long

It has been way too long since I've last posted anything here. About two weeks. Way too long.

I've been incredibly busy. I'm not coordinating the film portions of two different festivals: the Detroit Fringe Festival and 4th Fridays. The first is a one-time thing and the other is a recurring event on the 4th Friday of each month during the summer months. Both should be incredibly cool events that I'm thrilled to be a part of.

I also finished three different film projects in the past week. As of now, I don't have any new projects, but I have almost a dozen proposals pending with someone or another. I'm sure another paying project will pop up soon.

I also got a new (at least to me) car last week. A friend of mine bought a new car; leaving his old Honda Accord sitting in his driveway unused. When he heard that I was without a car after the accident last December, he sold it to me super-cheap.

God, I love my friends. They always come through for me in one way…

Thoughts on St. Patrick's Day

It was St. Patrick's Day this past weekend. If you believe Stephen Colbert, it was last St. Patrick's Day ever. It turns out that the Irish and the British are genetically the same and you can't really be Irish without hating the British, who are now also the Irish. (Click here to watch Stephen's St. Patty's Day bit.)

It's a weird circle of logic that gets even weirder the more you think about it while drinking.

Anyway, if this was the last St. Patrick's Day ever then I'm glad I got to spend it watching a dwarf in a leprechaun costume get thrown around a bar by some strippers. It was one of those moments my friends and I all agree was so wrong that it's perfectly right.

I'm Losing It

It's official: I'm losing it.

This morning I swallowed an Altoid with a glass of water. I then tried sucking on my medication.

A mix-up like that ranks right up there with the time that I accidentially put shaving cream on my tooth brush one morning.

I think Garfield was totally right with his attitude towards mornings.