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Use the Space Shuttle, Luke

Every time the space shuttle lifts off, it always carries some special cargo with it. When it lifts off this coming October, however, it's going to carry one of the coolest pieces of cargo ever.

NASA is actually going to carry the lightsaber that Mark Hamill used in the original Star Wars movie up to the International Space Station.

Yes, I know this is a publicity stunt. 100% stunt.

But it's so darn cool!

When it rains, it pours

This morning starts out with U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales announcing his resignation. In and of itself, that was an amazing - and uplifting - experience. I thought for sure it was be the biggest story of the day.

But then it was announced that Republican U.S. Senator Larry Craig of Idaho had pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct charge for lewd behavior in the men's bathroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

All in one day.

It Must Be Friday

It must be time for 4th Fridays with Ford again. I know this without even looking at the calendar because the weather forecast is calling for rain.

So, yes - 4th Fridays with Ford and Cinema D will each happen tomorrow as scheduled. No matter how much it rains.

We had this problem last time around and it was still as blast.

Oh, and speaking of last time around, I've learned a lesson: don't try making a sarcastic remark while someone is trying to take your picture. Paul caught me with Aria, Tim and Kim in the midst of such a wise-crack last time.

Happy Birthday to Me

Yesterday was my birthday. Nothing all that special happened yesterday because, well, it was a Monday.

The big party was Friday night at Whiskey in the Jar in Hamtramck. August was bartending. This meant that booze was plentiful. I also bumped into friends that I literally haven't seen in years, which is always cool.

Anyway, it was only last week when I realized something birthday related that is actually kind of cool. I have finally reached that point in my life where it's actually legal for me to date women who are half my age.

Webcam Girls Go Wild

I found this video on-line while I was searching for a link to one of my own video clips. I have to admit, I'm jealous that I didn't think to do something like this.

Keira's Clevage

Liza left a comment in one of my posts below about Keira Knightley's ad campaign for Chanel. Among other things, she talked about how incredibly thin Keira Knightley is and how her body didn't look humanly possible in the Chanel ad.

I read her comment just a couple of minutes after reading another article about how that same image was real in the first place. I figured this was an omen. Something that I would post about, at the least.

According to an interview that Ms. Knightley gave, the folks at Chanel used PhotoShop to make her look the way she did. Her breasts are much smaller in real life so they added a bit to them when they were putting together their ad.

I have to admit, I wasn't terribly surprised when I read that.

Actually, I should amend that. I wasn't surprised that Chanel used PhotoShop to create an image that they thought we garner more attention and, in turn, sell more perfume. The surprising part, in my opinion, was that Keira Knightley was willing t…

Amazing Video

This is an amazing video from Drowling Pool. It's available on courtesy of the Iraq & Afganistan Veterans of America.

Number 1 with Wiggles

Earlier this week, I discovered that if one types "dating in your 30s" into Google's search engine then I come up as one of the top searches. In fact, as of this morning, this site ranks at number 4 out of approximately 939,000 search returns.

Of course, the really interesting discovery in the whole thing came this morning.

Drum roll, please.

Google also ranks me as number 1 when the search terms are "Jello wrestling Detroit".

I swear, I almost fell out of my chair from laughing so hard when I saw that for the first time. I started this blog as simply a way to share my thoughts on a whole multitude of issues.

Plus, it's nice that friends and family who no longer live in the Detroit area have a convenient way of keeping up with my life that doesn't involve me telling the exact same stories over and over again.

But this Jello wrestling thing really floors me.

It also makes me wonder what would happen if I were to organize a Jello wrestling match (here in Detro…

Nice Hat

I saw the new Keira Knightley ad that the folks at Chanel are running. You can see it for yourself at the right.

All I have to say is, "Wow!" I have a sudden desire to run out and buy a few bottles of Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel.

That and a bowler hat.

Anyway, Marilyn Monroe once told a reporter that all she wore to bed was few drops of Chanel No. 5.

Looking at this ad, I can't help but wonder Keira Knightley wears to bed every night.


Ding! Dong!

Ding! Dong! The witch is dead.

Karl Rove has announced his resignation from the White House.

I'm not foolish enough to think that this means he is done and gone. However, he will no longer be a part of American politics on a daily basis.

An Interesting Discovery

I made an interesting discovery over the weekend. If you type "dating in your 30s" into Google, one of the top responses that come back is this blog.

It's kind of interesting. I never really intended for this to be a blog about dating or even life in general for someone in their 30s.

Cool Night Light

It's been awhile since I've posted about some of the cool things that I find on-line, probably because I've been so broke as of late that I have steered clear of anything the remotely resembles shopping.

Anyway, I found these cool night lights as I was surfing around this afternoon. I was looking for something completely different - and I found these.

They look like like something out of a science museum, except that it's much smaller and fits directly into a light socket. It would probably freak some kid out, but it makes for a cool night light for adults.

I Didn't Die

Tuesday, August 7th has now come and gone. I'm still alive.

This means that contrary to what that stupid person said in a YouTube comment, I didn't die within 7 days because I failed to repost his comment on someone else's page.

Unless, of course, I'm like Bruce Willis' character in The Sixth Sense; where I'm already dead and I just don't know it yet.


Can dead people still blog if they don't know that they're dead?

Oh, my God! Where is Haley Joel Osment's character when you need him?

A Tale of Three Women

This afternoon started out with me headed to a simple lunch date with one of my friends, Amanda. We discovered, much to our dismay, that Jacoby's Bistro was closed for renovations so we instead grabbed a couple of sandwiches at Au Bon Pain and found a table in Campus Martius Park.

Our lunch went along much as expected - good conversation, good food, delightful atmosphere.

The odd thing was that, at almost the exact moment that Amanda had to get back to work, another woman came walking up to me. It was Jodie, who recently returned for Liverpool. My meeting for this afternoon was already canceled, leaving me with a bit of time on my hands, so I said good-bye to Amanda and sat down with Jodie.

We talked some more about all of the things that happened while she was in the U.K. and a little bit about life in the D. Eventually, though, she had to head back to her office as well.

I started to head back to my car when my phone rang. It was my friend Tom, who is in town from Las Vegas. …