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Happy New Years

I'm about to head off to my New Year's Eve celebrations. However, I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone who reads this blog (now almost a hundred or so people every day) a Happy New Years!

I'll be back with more next year.

My Quote for 2011

Every once in awhile, I hear a quote that so perfectly summarizes how I'm feeling at a given moment, I am compelled, it would seem, to emblazon it on the wall by my desk. Today, I came across such a quote.
"A hero is no braver than an ordinary man," Ralph Waldo Emerson once observed, "but he is brave five minutes longer."
Today, I pray that each of us finds the strength to hang onto our bravery for those extra five minutes in whatever challenges we may face.

Rachel Nichols Has A Criminal Mind

Rachel Nichols, who I first began obsessing over when she appeared in the G.I. Joe movie, will join the cast of Criminal Minds next season. She will continue to play FBI cadet Ashley Seaver, a character that was originally only supposed to last for three episodes.
I look forward to seeing more of Rachel Nichols.

On a related note, the addition of Rachel Nichols to the permanent cast of Criminal Minds is a story that I really didn't even notice at first. There was a huge spike in traffic to my site in recent days. My usual couple dozen visitors per day turned into a few hundred, with many of them coming from Germany.
Thanks to Google Analytics, I was able to learn that much of this traffic came about as a result of a Google Image search for "Rachel Nichols" on (the German version of Google). My photo of Rachel Nichols from an earlier post ranked fairly high on that particular matrix, which brought a few hundred Germans to my site.
Of course, looking at that photo o…

So Very Wrong

One of my friends posted this photo below on his Facebook page. I like how it's so right and yet so very, very wrong all at the same time.

Forward Down the Field

I went to church two weekends in a row and the Detroit Lions won two road games in a row. Both wins were on Sundays that I went to church. Coincidence?
Well, yeah, it probably is.
Regardless, I will be in church every single Sunday next season just so I don't jinx my team. I think I should increase my weekly offering, too.

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

Okay - I know that I said I would take a break from posting about bikinis and such. However, I'm a guy and guys lie.
I came across the World Cup of Bikinis on-line.

I would like to thank God for the fact that such as thing as a World Cup of Bikinis is actually possible and for the fact that I found it. It is available here.
Thank you, God. Thank you.

Bikini-Clad Polish Politician

Katarzyna Szczolek, better known as Sara May, is a Polish singer and tabloid sensation who ran for the district council in Warsaw, Poland. She decided to plaster posters of herself in a bikini all over town in an attempt to garner attention and votes.

She unquestionably got the attention as a couple hundred thousand media outlets and blogs picked up this story. People outside of Poland seemed to fall in love with images of Sara May in a bikini. Votes, however, are a different story.
Warsaw has a population of 1.7 million people. In the recent election, Sara May received a grand total of 25 votes.
25 votes.

In a city of 1.7 million people.

Kuba Wojewódzki, a political columnist for Polish newspaper Policy, summed the matter up this way.
The impressive common pity blogger and singer got 25 votes. Voltaire said that stupidity is incalculable. In this case, it can be calculated.Okay - enough of this. I promise to lay off the bikini, lingerie, and stripper posts for a little while.

Recycling Gets Sexy

Continuing with my theme today of posting on things that I haven't had a chance to, I wanted to mention a couple of items that I've seen on-line late. I've noticed a couple of designers using reusing materials to make lingerie and bikinis - essentially giving recycling a sexy twist.

Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch, for example, has produced what she calls the "Pink Tab Bikini". As its name implies, it is a pink bikini that is made entirely of pieces from cans of Tab.
This piece looks very interesting and can imagine the right woman having a lot of fun with it. However, there's a part of me that wonders how comfortable a metal bikini could actually be.

In this regard, I believe one should view her work as art as opposed to a piece of everyday fashion. Her design shows us that there is enormous potential in the things that we throw away. That is important, but it also limits the impact of this design.
Moving away on to things that a woman might actually wear on a regular b…

Battling 25 Strippers

Things are a little slow in my life at the moment. Christmas is over, but the insanity of New Year's has not yet begun. This gives me a chance to post on some of the oddball things that I've seen in recent months, but didn't have a chance to comment on here.
There are a lot of interesting stories on the internet. However, it's had to be more interesting that one that includes the phrase "25 strippers" in its headline.
For this beauty of a story, one has to travel back in time to February of 2006 and read a story about 25 Florida Strippers Nabbed down in Tampa. (No, I haven't been sitting on this story for almost 5 years. I came across it a few weeks ago in a Google search.)
The Pasco County Sheriff's Office arrested more than two dozen strippers in an undercover investigation. The women were allegedly involved in a variety of criminal activities, including cocaine peddling, prostitution, lewdness, exposure of sexual organs, and the improper solicitation …

Best Pick Up Line Ever

I came across the cartoon below while surfing the vastness of these interwebs. I have to say that this represents what very well may be the best pick up line in all of human history.

I want to try this.

I know that it will result in me being slapped or a drink being thrown in my face. I know this, but I don't care. I want to try this one.
I'll let you know how it goes.

My Christmas Gift from Keira Knightley

I got the best Christmas present I could ask for early this morning. It turns out that Keira Knightley, whom I have obsessed about for years now, has broken up with her boyfriend of the past five years.
Now, where did I put my passport?

Keira Knightley clearly needs someone to console her right now and I have a plane to catch.

"I Know" by David Lynch

A friend of mine made a really cool music video for "I Know" by David Lynch. It's cool, but definitely not safe for work.
If you're prepared for some R rated content, please take a moment to check out this video and vote for it.
"I Know" by David Lynch |

Best Holiday Greeting Ever

The folks at NASA posted their on-line holiday this afternoon. I think this is one of the best video greetings that I have ever seen.
But then again, I am a nerd.

Barack Obama and Sarah Palin

Former Governor Sarah Palin and President Barack Obama will make a special appearance in the Archie comic books. They will appear jointly in issues 616 and 617 - and I already have a special order in for both of those issues.
It'll be interesting to see how people react to these two on the cover of one of the oldest comics around. The first issue hits stands tomorrow, December 22. The second one will arrive in January.

Missed the Lunar Eclipse

There was a full lunar eclipse last night. I, unfortunately, missed it because the skies over Detroit were completely covered with clouds.
Luckily, the folks at NASA have lots and lots photos of the eclipse available on-line. This fact completely makes me happy with paying my taxes.

My thanks go out to everyone at NASA.

Bollywood in a Bikini

One doesn't normally associate Indian cinema with attractive women in skimpy bikinis. The fact of the matter is that, as the guys at point out, the nation that gave us the Kama Sutra is still fairly conservative in matters  of sexuality and attire.
However, that hasn't stopped anyone from compiling a list of "The 10 Hottest Bikini Babes of Bollywood".
Bollywood, after all, is home to such beautiful actresses as Miss World 2000 Priyanka Chopra, Neha Dhupia, Barbara Mori, and others. Anyone of these ladies, I should point out, could easily hold their own in bikini regardless of what Hollywood starlet happens to be standing nearby.

These films don't often appeal to the English-speaking audience for a number of reasons. However, with actresses like this on the screen, I have to admit that they do hold my attention.

I am gaining a whole new level of appreciation from Bollywood cinema, even if I do have trouble pronouncing most of the names.

The complet…

Green vs. Green

What do you think will be a bigger movie this summer?

Will it be The Green Hornet with Seth Rogen, Jay Chou, Christopher Waltz, and Cameron Diaz?

Or will it be The Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, and Mark Strong?

I'm not sure which movie will be bigger at the box office this summer. However, I have a funny feeling that these two film will leave a lot of other movies feeling green with envy.

Thank You

My thanks go out today to the men and women in uniform who keep this nation safe and to the U.S. Senate for making sure that they don't have to betray their integrity in order to do so.

Christmas in the Nemecek Household

For the third year in a room, my roommate/brother Mark and I have our Christmas Tree up before Christmas.
Yes, we rock!

Sign of Gambling

I saw this sign at Whiskey in the Jar, which is a dive bar in Hamtramck. I have $5 that says no one pays any attention to it.

Whitney Port Proves Me Wrong

Earlier this year, I posted that while Whitney Port is a talented fashion designer, she might not have belonged on the annual list of the 99 Most Beautiful Women of the Internet with others like Jessica Alba, Kristen Bell, and Hayden Panettierre. Since then, she has proven me wrong.
Whitney Port recently did a lingerie photo shoot, which will appear in the January 2011 issue of Maxim. Suffice it to say, I believe these photos put to rest any doubts as to whether or not she is one of the most beautiful women of the internet.
Ms. Port, please accept my apology.

Congratulations to SpaceX - Again

Big congratulations go out to everyone at Space X for the first successful commercial launch into space. Their Falcon 9 rocket blasted off on Wednesday, carrying its Dragon capsule into orbit before returning to Earth in perfect splash landing in the Pacific Ocean.
I look forward to seeing many more of these launches and to more companies joining in on the action.

Living in the Car

The internet has given us a multitude of insane, quirky ideas. Or rather, it allows insane, quirky ideas to spread around the globe.
Case in point: a radio station in New Zealand gave away a Mini Cooper to one of three couples who agreed to live in a Mini for five days. There was a web cam on each car and folks got to vote on which couple would win the car. Of course, one of the contestants was a pair of blonde sisters, Lydia and Bryana O'Donnell who spent the entire five days in nothing but a bikini.
The horror of it all was that the bikini wearing blondes did not win. I guess this means that all of the guys were spending too much time drooling over these girls to vote for them.
Oh, the travesty.

How to Flirt

Spricket24 (a/k/a Karen Alloy) produced a YouTube video entitled "How to Flirt". This is one of those clips that's funny because it's deliberately bad.

Love. It.

My In-Box

One of my more loyal readers asked why I don't create my own version of Facebook that doesn't suck.

I've thought about it. I even mapped out the things that it should and should not have.

However, this is my current in-box.

Please ignore the fact that you can see an empty shot glass in this photo above. (I didn't even notice it until after I had uploaded this photo.)
Anyway, my point is that I have enough on my plate at the moment that I don't think I could develop a new social networking site and do it right.
However,  I will make it to through all of those things. This means that Mark Zuckerberg is officially ON NOTICE.
I'm going to plow through these other projects. If Mark Zuckerberg doesn't get his act together and start making Facebook updates that are actually useful, I will bring his empire to the ground faster than a grizzly bear can maul Filliam H. Muffman.

Facebook Fails with New Profiles

Facebook rolled out its new profile pages yesterday. They are intended to display information more graphically than before.

Since the folks at Facebook like things displayed graphically, instead of in boring text, this photograph represents my general reaction the new profile pages.
Yes, there really is nothing better than a yawn to describe the new profiles on Facebook. The new pages are just like the old ones, except that they use more graphics to display information instead of text.
Never once I have heard anyone complain, "Facebook sure is nice, but I wish that there were more graphics on my profile page."
I haven't heard that one even once.
Meanwhile, as the folks at Facebook are busy changing those things that don't need changing, all of the things that really ought to be changed about the service have stayed the same.
For example, all of my Facebook friends are still treated exactly the same and have the same access to information. I have some friends who mean the …

Buffy the Movie Slayer

The folks at Warner Brothers have decided to launch a new Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie, except that this one will not have any involvement from creator Joss Whedon, starring actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, or any of the other people who made the television series the legend that it is.
My first reaction when hearing about this can be summarized by simply saying, "WTF!".
However, Joss Whedon had an even better reaction than that. You can read it here.

Celebrating Drunk Ninjas

This Sunday, December 5th, is a special occasion. It is International Ninja Day.
It's also the 77th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition in the United States.
In honor of these two occasions, I ask that whatever you do this Sunday, please do it in a manner that is both silent and deadly - and please do it all with a beer in hand.