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Good Luck x 19

There's this superstition that bird droppings are supposed to be a sign of good luck. Since I currently have a half dozen proposals pending for my production company, I'm wouldn't be too worried about one or two bird droppings.

But in the past 24 hours, my car has been hit 19 times.

19 times.

And I wasn't even parked under a tree or anything.

19 times.

Okay - I'll take the good luck. But can't we spread it around a little?

Detroit 4, Anaheim 3

The Detroit Red Wings laid it all on the line this evening - and skated away victorious.

I'm really glad. This town really needs something to celebrate at the moment.

Michigan Central Station Matters

Inspired by the National Trust for Historic Preservation's "This Place Matters"initiative, Preservation Wayne and the Greater Detroit Historic Preservation Coalition have partnered to stage a group photo in front of the Michigan Central Railroad Station (2001 15th St.) on Wednesday, May 20 at 5:30 pm.

Please get the word out to EVERYONE you know. It would be great if this is the largest group picture in Michigan, maybe even the country! The photo will appear on Preservation Nation.

For those not familiar with the "This Place Matters" initiative, the project aims to identify historic places throughout the country that truly matter to people. In Michigan, and Detroit specifically, the MCS has been identified by many as a place that they want to see saved. More details may be found on this website:

Please meet in front of Michigan Central Station on Wednesday, May 20 at 5:30 pm. The photo will …


I was surfing through YouTube a moment ago. I found this video about the Bikini Meter Maids from Surfer's Paradise in Australia. Let's just say that it grabbed my attention for obvious reasons.

Of course, the thing that really blew me away was the guy wearing the Detroit Tigers baseball cap towards the end of it.

Tiger fans really are everywhere.

My Weird Dream

I had the weirdest dream about the Michigan Central Station on Saturday night. I mentioned this dream in my Facebook status, which prompted a couple of people to ask about it. Since there's no way I could possibly describe this one in the limited space that Facebook gives for status updates, I figured I would make this into a blog post.

Anyway, in my dream, I was walking near the long-abandoned Michigan Central Station. The building was in its current condition. I remember the sensation that there were a couple of other people walking along with me in this dream, but I'll be darned if I can remember who they are.

Then things started getting a little weird.

A random generic looking guy (white male, brown hair, brown eyes, average height, medium build, wearing a gray suit) walked up to one of the doors. He tried to open them, but discovered that it was locked. The doors weren't chained or anything like they currently are - just locked.

He then walked up to me and asked if …

RIP - Chuck Daly

Hall of Fame basketball coach Chuck Daly passed away this morning at the age of 78 after battling pancreatic cancer. Mr. Daly coached the Detroit Pistons to back-to-back NBA Championships and also coached the original Dream Team to an Olympic gold medal in 1992.

Coach Daly will be missed by Pistons fans everywhere.

Carrie Prejean Is Having A Bad Day

Miss California USA Carrie Prejean had a very bad day today. She is only a few months into her tenure but today saw two key events come to light.

First, there is the fact that folks at got their hands on some steamy photos of Carrie Prejean. They posted them on their web site this morning. These photos are nothing if not captivating. (Translation: I spent a good 20 minutes drooling over them.)

Within minutes, the photos of Carrie Prejean were posted again on Hollywood Gossip; not to mention a dozen or so other blogs and web sites.

If this wasn't bad enough, a few hours later officials it was reported that the Miss California USA pageant disclosed that they were seriously thinking about stripping Carrie Prejean of her title. (Yes, astute readers, I did use the words "Carrie Prejean" and "stripping" in the same sentence quite deliberately.)

Pageant officials are reportedly troubled both by the photos from this morning as well as Carrie Prejean'…

Love This Quote

Albert Einstein once said, "Problems cannot be solved the by same level of thinking that created them."

I love that quote. It reminds me that we I can't find a solution to a certain problem, I have to raise my level of thinking about it.

Aretha Wants Royalties For Wearing Inaugural Hat

Aretha Franklin reportedly wants royalties for wearing the now famous "bow hat" that she wore to President Barack Obama's inauguration this past January - or at least some free hats. The hat, of course, was designed by Mr. Song Millinery on Woodward. However, Luke Song doesn't want to give her anything.

Personally, I think he's rather foolish to not give Ms. Franklin some free hats. If her wearing one of his designs caused orders to flood in then it would stand to reason that by her wearing more of his design, he would get even more orders.

Oh, well. This is just an opportunity for another designer to step up and make a killing.

Original article posted at WWJ Newsradio 950 - Aretha Wants Royalties For Wearing Inaugural Hat.