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Back in May, I wrote about what it was like to be at the Motor City Comic Con when a bunch of vendors got arrested for selling bootleg merchandise.

This evening, my friend Joe sent me the link above. The county prosecutor has finally entered an indictment against all of the vendors involved.

All I can say is, "it took you long enough".

"State of the Union" on DVD

When I was putting together my documentary on the Book-Cadillac Hotel, one of the great challenges that I faced was tracking down a copy of one of the films that was filmed inside the B-C. State of the Union with Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn and Angela Lansbury was a great film, but it was out of print when I was putting together my documentary.

For a couple of weeks, I literally did nothing but search for a copy of this film. Now my documentary is complete and Universal Studios decides to pull the film out of its vaults and release it on DVD.

I'd love to be able to say that my documentary, or at least me searching far and wide for a copy of the film, had something to do with their decision to release it on DVD.

But somehow I doubt.

Of course, that won't stop me from taking credit for it with anyone who might believe that I had something to do with it.

This just cracks me up

Moon landing 2 - shoot your own video to help NASA

Okay, so it turns out that NASA lost the original footage of the first moonwalk.

But thanks to some good ol' American ingeniuity, it can be replaced - by shooting it all over again.

Check this out ->

One Year Later

HBO: When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina making landfall.

And the area is still a mess.

How the Bush Administration manages to sleep at night is beyond me.

Younger generation more anxious

Younger generation more anxious

This is troubling. The younger (college-aged) generation is significantly more prone to anxiety and depression that their predecessors - and researchers don't know why, other than they've ruled out their parents.

I have to ask, what's going on?

Headless Body in Topless Bar (1995)

Headless Body in Topless Bar (1995)

Okay - forget about Snakes On A Plane. I was browsing through and found what has to be the greatest title for a movie I've come across.

Headless Body in Topless Bar

It just sounds so darn cool! I'm adding it to my Netflix queue, even though the plot summary sounds so melodramatic that it's probably a lame movie.

Photos from "Sleepy Guy"

I got the photos that Paula Turner took while she was on the set with us as we filmed my new short film, Sleepy Guy.

She took 113 of them and they all look spectular.

More of them will be posted soon.

Happy 25th Birthday to the PC : Christopher Null : Yahoo! Tech

Happy 25th Birthday to the PC : Christopher Null : Yahoo! Tech

Today is my 36th birthday (yeah, 36 complete trips around the sun - it's been a blast).

In other news, the PC turned 25 recently.

Post-It Note Art

UCSC Engineering Building Gets an 8bit Upgrade

It amazes me what some people will think of doing with office supplies - like construct a 4-story homage to Super Mario Brothers.

Or a mosaic of Elvis Presley constructed out of Post-It Notes.

It looks cool, but I really hope these guys stay away from my office supply cabinet.

1731 Seminole – Detroit, Michigan

1731 Seminole – Detroit, Michigan

It's official. Jack White's house in Detroit's Indian Village neighborhood is up for sale.

It can be yours for only $930,000. (Where's my wallet?)

Arrest made in JonBenet Ramsey case

Arrest made in Thailand in JonBenet Ramsey case

The suspect in question was a second-grade teacher! Words don't describe how disturbing that is.

The 9

The 9 for Monday August 14th

There's so much cool stuff on the web these days that it's hard to find very coolest of them all. Luckily, Maria Sansone has come to the rescue with the 9 - her daily pick of the 9 coolest things on the web.

Twinkie Wedding Cakes

Twinkie Cakes

Okay - for some strange reason - seeing all of these examples of wedding cakes that are made out of Twinkies has me feeling the sudden urge to get married.

Or at least the urge to host a kick ass reception and serve a huge cake made out of Twinkies.

The Germans Look at the B-C

Restored Grand Dame of Downtown Detroit to Become Westin Book-Cadillac Detroit Hotel | Nachrichten |

When I started looking at the Book-Cadillac Hotel as the potential subject for a documentary, one of the things that really peaked my interest in the project was how wide-spread the press coverage was about the hotel - folks from as far away as Seatle and Tallahassee were writing about this deal.

Anyway, now it turns out that the Germans have gotten into the act and are starting to cover the hotel's redevelopment in a positive fashion. The hyper-linked article is largely verbatium from a press releast that was issued several weeks ago. I think the important issue, however, is the simple fact that folks in Europe are interested in what's happening here.

Neatorama » Blog Archive » Awesome Egg City Art.

Neatorama » Blog Archive » Awesome Egg City Art.

Okay, what is up with the Chinese?

First, they build the world's largest skatepark.

Then I read in Wired that the world's most popular blog is from a Chinese actress.

And now, they build this huge sculpture that is constructed entirely out of eggs.

I swear, the Chinese are acting more and more like Americans every day.

Background Info on Dick DeVos

I was surfing the web this afternoon. I found some interesting background information on Republican gubernatorial nominee Dick DeVos and what he did before assuming the presidency of Amway.

It would appear that Governor Jennifer M. Granholm and her campaign are in for a considerable amount of trouble this November.

Ding, Dong - Politics

With 84% of the precincts in Connecticut reporting, Ned Lamont is ahead of the incumbent U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman by 4 points.

Ding, dong - the witch is dead.
The wicked witch (or U.S. Senator) is dead.

Lieberman will unquestionably run as an independent candidate to hold onto his seat. Which fine by me - it simply gives the good people of Connecticut one more chance to tell him that he's been an ass these past few years.
The End of Suburbia promo trailer

This looks like a kick-ass documentary.

And it's one that's showing this Saturday at the DFC.

Dwelling on "Dwell"

I was having lunch with a pair of friends last Friday when I rather disburbing thought ocurred to me.

I got to the restaurant a little before them and was passing the time by leafing through a recent issue of Dwell. I realized that I've reached that point in my life where a magazine about homes and home furnishings excites me almost as much as Playboy does.

I mean, it's a different kind of excitement, of course. But still...

Oh, and I've also realised that I get a similar thrill by walking through my local Home Depot that I do walking through my local titty bar. Of course, the really, really weird part - the part that I never thought I'd ever say is that I actually prefer hitting the titty bar because a trip there usually isn't as expensive as one to Home Depot.


Really, people. What does all of this say about me?

Comments are greatly appreciated.

Technology Makes Me Proud

There are moments when I see some new technological gadget that just makes me so damn proud to live in this world. I've seen a lot of it this past week, in fact.

It started when I saw a report about the new Nike + iPod in the Free Press this past Monday. The very idea that my shoes and my iPod could somehow work together to make me a better person (or at least a person that is in better shape) is so damn cool.

After that comes news that GM, Ford and Mazda will finallyintergrate the iPod into their cars. (I mean, gee, the folks over at Volkswagenonly did this - what, 2 or 3 years ago?)

And then I find out that the folks at LG have introduced a new line of cell phones that include a built-in breathalyzer. (Oh, the shame of drunk-dialing this will save a fortunate few from.)

Plus, since it's a handy part of your cell phone - something that most Americans carry with them at all times - you can not only save yourself, but it's easier to keep your friends from doing really studi…