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One of the unique things about running a political blog (or any kind of a web site, for that matter), is that your constantly bombarded by scam artist who send you phony bills – and if you pay those “bills”, you soon discover that someone else is now hosting your web site or controlling your domain registration.

Third parties will purchase or steal domain names and resell the Internet site to an interested party for a higher price. Through the U.S. Department of Commerce, the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) regulates the domain registration infrastructure. ICANN has been criticized for not enforcing the illegal transferring of domain names to another registrar (a practice that’s commonly known as “slamming”).

The folks at have launched their own effort about this – a grass roots campaign to demand Congressional action.

Please take a moment to check out

Hillary Clinton's challenger attacks

Hillary Clinton's challenger attacks - Yahoo! News

You know, it just amazes me. In 1998 - 99, the Republicans were criticizing President Bill Clinton for doing too much to hunt down Osama bin Laden.

Now, after closing down the C.I.A. Unit that Clinton established to hunt him down, the Republicans are criticizing him for not having done enough in 1998-99 to hunt down Osama bin Laden.

And when U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton questions the whole insanity, her Republican challenger attacks her for it.

I just have to wonder: does anyone on the right ever get dizzy from spinning so much?

Detroit Tigers : News : Detroit Tigers News

Detroit Tigers : News : Detroit Tigers News

Every single one of the voices in my head is singing and dancing this evening, now that the Detroit Tigers have clinched a spot in the playoffs.

Bring on the Blue Jays, baby! We're going to win the division.

Ten Things to See at the London Design Festival

Cool Hunting: Ten Things to See at the London Design Festival

The London Design Festival. Two weeks when I really wish I had more cash, enough to jump on an airplane, rent a decent hotel room and hang out for a couple of weeks.

Oh, and some of the coolest events of the entire festival are held in an historic brewery that been adapted for reuse. These are truly my kind of people.

RIP Governor Ann Richards

Former Texas Gov. Ann Richards dies - Yahoo! News

I met Governor Ann Richards at an event for the Democratic Party almost 10 years ago. As wonderful, charming and intelligent as she seemed on television, she was even more amazing in person.

She will be truly and deeply missed.

The Big Moo

I owe a big debt of gratitude to Eric Cedo of Create Detroit. He's the one who turned me on to one of the coolest non-fiction books I've read in a long time.

The Big Moo

It has a simple mantra: stop trying to be perfect and start being remarkable. It's about knowing that a risky idea might fail, but a boring idea will definately fail.

It's the first book I've read in a long time where, when I finished, I wanted to buy a couple dozen copies of it and just start handing it out to everyone that I know. Tackling them and say, "Read this book!"

In fact, the last time I felt that way about any book, it was about my own novel.

Anyway, just take a peek inside this book. If you feel like you've wasted your time, you're welcome to kick me in the shins if you like.

The Big Moo

Paris Parked by DUI Arrest

Paris Parked by DUI Arrest - Yahoo! News

Each time there was a new season of "Simple Life" coming out - a "scandalous" video of Paris Hilton would make its way onto the internet. And coincidentally enough, each time it was a Rupert Murdoch owned newspaper that broke the story.

(Murdoch, of course, also owns the Fox Television Network, which is the network that "Simple Life" showed on).

My grandfather used to say, "Once is chance, twice is a coincidence but three times is a conspiracy."

And yes, the whole thing with Paris' sex tapes happened three times for each of the three seasons that the show was on the air.

And now she gets arrested, right around the time that her new albumn comes out???

I got $100 that says it, as she was leaving this charity benefit, her publicist picked up the phone and phoned in an anonymous complaint about her driving erratically. At that point, the police had to pull Ms. Hilton over.

What's the old adage? The only …

RIP - Steve Irwin

Mate tells of Irwin's last moments |

Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter from Animal Planet, was killed by a stingray earlier today.

He will be missed by many, including myself.

Oh, and to whoever it was that defaced his entry on, I'd simply like to say that you're a callous ass.

Okay, so I know that there are lots of couples who meet on-line. But for some reason, the very idea of breaking up on-line just seems wrong.

Very, very wrong.

This makes me worry about the folks who would use a service like, which allows you to dump your soon-to-be ex via email.