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Tequila Treats Swine Flu

I had a long talk with my doctor this afternoon. Many people have said many, many things about Swine flu.

Some people have blamed the Swine flu's intrusion into the United States on illegal immigrants from Mexico. They are idiots.

Some people have speculated that the Swine flu will cause the economic recovery to slow down. They are idiots, too.

None of these people, however, have mentioned the most important detail of all. None of these people have mentioned that Swine flu can be prevented by a steady diet of tequila.


Swine flu can be prevented by a steady diet of tequila. I would never lie in a blog post.

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time for me to go take my "medicine".

Alvin Sings "Falling Slowly" from ONCE

It's no secret that I think Once is one of the best movies to come along in a quite some time. I've posted about this fact here.

However, I came across a video of Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks singing the Academy Award winning song "Falling Slowly" from Once.

I cannot stop laughing at this.

If you're not laughing then I guess you just need to go rent the movie.

RIP Mark "The Bird" Fidrych

I remember the day that my Dad took me to my first Detroit Tigers game. It was the summer of 1976 and Mark "The Bird" Fidrych was on the mound.

We sat on third base side. For some reason, I remember thinking that is really cool that Mark Fidrych talked to the ball in between pitches.

I was shocked and saddened to learn today that Mark Fidrych had passed away at the age of 54.

He will be missed.

This Happens to Me ALL THE TIME

You would not believe how often something like this happens to me.

I guess I should get to Ikea and start shopping for a new bed.

Things That I Wonder About

Every now and then, some random question comes to mind that I can't help but spend a certain amount of time pondering.

My question for pondering today is this: do vegetarians who are also Catholic actually eat meat on Fridays during Lent? Or do they just give up something else like potatoes?

These are the things that I wonder about.

And yes, I do realize that I probably am a weirdo for pondering these thoughts.

Hell Must Have Frozen Last Night

I don't have a thermometer that will reach to the depths of Hades, but I'm convinced that the place must have frozen over this morning.

Nolan Finley - the most conservative columnist at the conservative Detroit News - has published a column that I agree with in its entirety. Both of us are now in favor of legalizing, taxing and regulating narcotics.

Someone please send Satan some flannel pajamas. I'm pretty sure he needs them at this moment.

Worried About Canada

I have to admit that I'm worried about our neighbors to the south. I mean, who else who put out a commercial that includes a rapping penis and a dancing vagina?

Well, at least they would have never elected George W. Bush.

And no pirates have ever attacked a Canadian ship.

I guess, I could cut them some slack - but this rapping penis thing is still going to give me nightmares.

Watermelon Car

I saw this watermelon inspired car on-line at Desicolours. It's from the Ukraine and I love this thing.

This design is a very cool play on the interior vs. exterior. Both elements fit into the overall design theme perfectly.

My only problem with this automobile is that I would get very hungry if I were driving around in a car that looks like a watermelon.

Pondering the PUMA

The folks at General Motors and Segway have teamed up to create a new gizmo: the Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility or PUMA. It's a two-wheeled version of the Segway.

When I look at it, I have to admit that it seems kind of odd; almost silly. However, the first time most people see something different, that can be a common reaction.

The PUMA is still considered to be experimental. This means that there's no opportunity for folks to run out and buy one. It also means that it will likely to evolve before it eventually hits the market.

The one thing that I think is undeniably good news is the simple fact that GM is forming strategic partnerships - like with Segway - and it is thinking about transportation in entirely new ways.

And that is very good news, in my opinion.