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Oh, what a day

Sometimes it is simply amazing how many twists and turns my life can go threw in a few short hours. Last Friday (May 19) was one of those days for me. Quite frankly, it's taken me this long to write about it all.

My day started with meeting the gang from Thought Collide at the Motor City Comic Con. We went there to promote a new sci-fi series that we're working on called InZer0.

The whole comic con experience started out pretty much as one would expect. We set up our table, had a chance to meet with the other vendors and artists as well as check out some of the stuff that was there before the fans came in to see everything.

They had a reproduction of the Batmobile...

As well as K.I.T.T., (the car from Knight Rider)...

It all started out as a really cool experience that pretty much made me forget about the stuff that was worrying about earlier (more on that part later).

Life got a bit more complicated when I went out to my car to grab something. It was at that point that I realized…

Ride 'em, Cowboy

I went out to Bookies Tarvern with the whole crew after the monthly Detroit Synergy meeting on Thursday. I didn't know this when I walked in the door, but Bookies now has a mechanical bull that you can ride - all you have to do is buy a shot and ask the bartender for a ticket.

After a little bit of encouragement, and a couple of rounds, I couldn't help but ride the thing.

Dang! Look at me on that thing. Do I have cowboy style or what?

Thanks to Paula Turner for snapping that photo.

She also grabbed a shot of me falling off the thing a couple of seconds later, but for some reason, I really don't feel like posting that shot on the internet.

It Finally Happened

Well, it's finally over. The final episode of The West Wing aired this evening. It's been a great 7 years, with it being one of the best dramas to ever hit the airwaves.

I'm sad to see the show come to an end. However, I think the writers and producers did an amazing job of bringing the show to a great conclusion. The story arc, for the episode, season and series, really was perfect.

Quite frankly, at this moment, I'm not really sure what I'm going to do on my Sunday evenings anymore. I might have to buy the entire series on DVD and watch them all over again.