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For months now, I've been bashing President George W. Bush for, well, pretty much everything. And if I hadn't been busy filming a documentary, I probably would have bashed him even more often then I have.

Now, however, it's Senator John Kerry's turn to face my cyber-wrath.

Senator Kerry has been bashing President Bush over the economy and the war in Iraq even more frequently than I have. He's the Democratic nominee for the White House so one has to expect that.

However, I profoundly disappointed in how little he has done to present the American public with a viable alternative. He's done relatively little to give me the sense that he has a plan to do things better or offer us a better solution.

Take the war in Iraq for example. People have been pestering him for details on how he would do things differently ever since he became the Democratic nominee. He finally put forward his plan.

Sort of.

The thing is only 3 pages long; consisting primarily of bullet p…
There's a funny thing about porn. When it's good, it's really good. But when it's bad, it's beyond terrible.

I was watching this live web cast earlier today (because I was sick of cranking out yet another meaningless report for work). There was this web cast of an amatuer couple having sex so I tuned in for the heck of it.

The guy never took his long sleeve shirt off (I don't know, maybe that was a blessing in disguise). The chick has obviously not scene the inside of a gym in years.

The two of them spent more time discussing what they were going to do then actually doing anything. And I'm not talking about that hot, steamy bedroom kind of talk either.

I'm talking about conversations about camera angles and room temperature. Boring ass stuff. All said in with this dull, clincial kind of tone.

My thought was, "is the person you're f***ing really that bad that you're gonna think about this stuff?"

After a few minutes of this, I ac…
Dang, it's been almost an entire month since I've had a chance to post anything in this blog. I've been super busy -- getting ready to film my documentary, dealing with my Mom going into the hospital (she'll be fine), fighting to preserve a historice building that the City wants to tear down and, of course, work.

There've been a few times where I thought of something that I wanted to post about, but, I didn't have a computer handy at the time. (Yes, I know -- I need to get a laptop).

Anyway, I've got a moment now -- but nothing overwhelming to talk about. As a result, this is going to be Random Thought Day. A collection of a few thoughts that popped into my head when I didn't have a chance to post. None of this is connected by anything other than the fact that it's what I think about when I try to remember some of the posts that I wanted to make over the past month.

Every now and then, I think about moving out of Detroit. Chicago is one of the…