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Porn Meets Librarian

I frequently bookmark lengthy on-line articles and blog posts that seem interesting, but that I don't have time to read completely when I first find them. It may take awhile, but I always go back to them eventually.
I stumbled upon Avi Steinberg's article in The Paris Review last February (the midst of income season). It dealt with the librarian as a recurring image in pornographic or sexually explicit literature. I'm glad that I bookmarked this one because it's really good.
Check out "The Librarians Naughty Habit" by Avi Steinber in The Paris Reviewhere.

Premiere of "The Avengers" at the Tribeca Film Festival

The Avengers had a special showing at the Tribeca Film Festival. I was lucky enough to get video from this event from the producers.
I'm so excited to be able to see The Avengers in theaters this coming Friday.

Women Bringing You Sammiches - And Controversy

The Women Bringing You Sandwiches page on Facebook is organizing their 3rd annual "Women Bringing You Sandwiches Day" on May 17. The vast majority of people who have found this page appear to enjoy it for the good heartened joke that it was intended to be. However, there is a certain segment of the internet population that have responded with profanity laced insults, not only for the organizers of this but for those who would participate in it.
It's both amazing and, quite frankly, a little depressing that something as simple as woman bringing a sandwich can prompt tirades of profanity and stupidity. I know that there is something about the internet that always brings out the craziest of the crazies. I'm also relieved to note that for every one person who left a such post, there are approximately a hundred other Facebook users who are sensible about it. Still, the anti-women bringing sandwiches tirades are at least a little surprising.

The prevailing sentiment in tho…

Will "The Five Year Engagement" Answer the Important Questions?

The Five Year Engagement, starring Jason Segel and Emily Blunt, opens in theaters everywhere this Friday. I look forward to it.
Hopefully, they will explain the important questions that this film raises, like, why did this couple rush their engagement?

Success in American Politics

This is a sad commentary, but I've realized something about American life and politics. Success in American politics, it seems, is often measured by the volume and ferocity of the hate mail one receives.

My Advice to the Single Women of the World

I have some simple advice for the single women of the world: cats are cool, but there's something wrong with you if you put 5 different pictures of your cat on your on-line dating profile and you're not in any of them.
A part of me cannot believe that there are women out there who actually need this advice. However, after reviewing a few on-line dating sites, it's clear that such a need does exist.

President Obama Ate Dog Meat

As I look through my Facebook news feed, I see that my Republican and Libertarian friends are having fun with the fact that President Barack Obama was fed dog meat, among other things, while he was a child living in Indonesia. He discussed this fact in his memoir Dreams from My Father, which was published in 1995.
Is it just me or does it seem really, really desperate to have to go back to President Obama's childhood in order to find something to make fun of?

2012 Takes A Hit

2012 is only a quarter of the way over. However, has hit a sudden rough patch.
The Lingerie Football League announced that they are putting their entire season on hiatus for 2012. They will be back in the summer of 2013.
If anyone needs me, I'll be at the bar sulking.

Women Are Like a Painting by Picasso

I'm once again doing taxes this year. I'm not thrilled to be back in the financial services industry, but I'm good at it and the money is decent.
Anyway, an 80 year old gentleman came into my office yesterday afternoon. He dumped a stack of papers on my desk and asked me to figure out how much owed in taxes. As I was working on his return, we started talking about life. At one point or another during our conversation, the subject of women came up and, in particular, how hard it can be for guys to understand them.
It was at that point that this wise gentleman shared an important insight with me. "A woman is like a great painting by Picasso," he explained with a knowing smile across his face. "You don't have to understand it in order to enjoy having one around."
It took me a moment to soak in the simple brilliance of his analogy.
Truer words, I believe, have never been spoken by any man.

Katy Perry As A Marine?

Katy Perry's new video for "Part of Me" shows her becoming a United States Marine after a huge break up with her boyfriend. I have to admit that the I never thought I'd find the words "Katy Perry" and "Marine" in the same sentence. However, I love this one.
The video is fresh, provocative, and a lot of fun to watch. I simply love it. Kudos to whoever came up with this idea.

Jennifer Love Hewitt's Breasts Get a New TV Show

Jennifer Love Hewitt's breasts will be appearing in a new television show on the Lifetime network called The Client List.
Well, actually, I guess all of Jennifer Love Hewitt will be on this show. It's not just her breasts.
But, let's face it, most people aren't going to stare at anything else.

Gas Prices and President Obama

I just saw a TV commercial that attacked President Barack Obama over rising gas prices.
Maybe now would be a good time to replay all of those Fox News clips from 2008 arguing that the President cannot control gas prices?
Thanks, by the way, to Media Matters for putting all of those clips together and comparing their 2008 coverage with their 2012 coverage.