I Found iJustine's Doppleganger

Justine Ezarik
There's a theory that all of us have a doppleganger. That is someone who naturally looks just like us.

I believe that I have found Justine Ezarik's doppleganger. She, of course, is more commonly known as iJustine and she creates videos for YouTube.

Her doppleganger's name is Svetlana, although her last name is unknown. She is from Kherson, which is medium sized city (population 329,000) in southern Ukraine.

Of course, Svetlana doesn't make videos for YouTube like her double. Instead, she is on-line looking for a husband. She is a 22 year old manicurist and mail order bride.

All of this makes me wonder if any of iJustine's fans would consider marrying Svetlana and bringing her to the United States so they could have their own Justine Ezarik.

I also wonder if Justine Ezarik has ancestors from the Ukraine. If so, Svetlana could be a long lost cousin of hers.

You can see more iJustine/Justine Ezarik here. More information and photographs of Svetlana is available here.

The internet never ceases to amaze me.


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