Bravo Bravo! was a blast

Yesterday, after a picnic with some friends, I worked at the 6th Annual Bravo Bravo! with folks from Thought Collide. We filmed a video that is supposed to be used to promote next years' event.

Bravo Bravo! is usually billed as "Detroit's hippest event of the year" and it pretty much lived up to it. (Okay - the premiere of my documentary will probably be a bit hipper in my opinion - but still).

The girls from Detroit Roller Derby were on hand - skating out front and occassionally venturing inside.

Those lovlies from Hell's Belles were keeping things interesting up on the second floor.

A couple dozen bars and restaurants were keeping the food and booze flowing all night long.

I even bumped into some cool folks that I haven't seen in way too long and made a few contacts for upcoming film projects.

It was just so darn cool.


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