Sunday, June 26, 2005

There's Only So Much Oil in the Ground

Okay - so this is my fourth blog post in under 24 hours; far more than I've posted in quite sometime. Who knows, it might not even be my last one today.

Regardless, I wanted to mention that Keith Crain, publisher of Crain's Detroit Business, is one of those guys who just make sense. His editorial in this week's issue focuses on our national energy policy - a lack thereof.

The guy just makes sense.

My only beef with him is that he didn't include a single reference to conservation or renewable energy sources in his column. While nuclear energy should be a valuable component to America's overall energy strategy, conservation and renewable sources deserve a lot more attention then they are getting from anyone.

Including Mr. Crain's newspaper. Still, I have to the man some credit. He has talked about the issue with more eloquence and common sense than anyone else I've seen in awhile.

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