Thursday, September 07, 2006

Paris Parked by DUI Arrest

Paris Parked by DUI Arrest - Yahoo! News

Each time there was a new season of "Simple Life" coming out - a "scandalous" video of Paris Hilton would make its way onto the internet. And coincidentally enough, each time it was a Rupert Murdoch owned newspaper that broke the story.

(Murdoch, of course, also owns the Fox Television Network, which is the network that "Simple Life" showed on).

My grandfather used to say, "Once is chance, twice is a coincidence but three times is a conspiracy."

And yes, the whole thing with Paris' sex tapes happened three times for each of the three seasons that the show was on the air.

And now she gets arrested, right around the time that her new albumn comes out???

I got $100 that says it, as she was leaving this charity benefit, her publicist picked up the phone and phoned in an anonymous complaint about her driving erratically. At that point, the police had to pull Ms. Hilton over.

What's the old adage? The only bad press is when they spell your name wrong?

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Stewart Sternberg said...

If someone asked me what was wrong with this country, Paris Hilton would be the letterhead of my response.