The folks at Metromix are hosting a pub crawl tonight as part of Detroit's Winter Blast. There won't be any special games at it; nor will there be any freak shows or other extraneous add-ons. It will simply be a whole bunch of people going from one bar to the next.

In short, it will be a lot like the pub crawls that I put together and ran quite successfully until a certain Metromix staffer convinced me to do it her way - only to have the event go down in flames.

And now Metromix is essentially taking over my template - adding in their own desire to photograph everyone who comes within 100 feet of their "street team" - and calling their own event. (Well, they are adding more bars but that's presumably so they can photograph more people. Even the biggest of partiers won't hit 15 bars in one evening.)

I can't really be upset with them for using my template because I didn't invent it. However, I do suddenly feel vindicated by this in much the same way that I felt vindicated when they got rid of the trashier elements of their web site last December.

To everyone at Metromix: Keep reading my blog. Eventually, you'll become a decent web site.


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