Getting Buzzed - By the Space Station

Between the Cobo Hall fiasco, the economy, the mortgage crisis and the perpetual quandary of whether or not there will even be an American auto industry 6 months from now, Detroit is need of something to take our minds of the problems and make us realize what is really possible.

For some folks, this means heading to Hamtramk this weekend to check out the more than 200 bands that are playing for the Metro Times Blowout. Personally, I have my own obsession.

The International Space Station will be visible in sky over Detroit for the next few days during the early morning hours. All I have to do to be reminded of how much really is possible in this world is look up.

I know I've complained about an ineffective city government on my neighborhood blog many, many times. Some folks might question my sanity when I say that a mere glimpse at the space station is enough to take my mind off these problems.

They're right, of course. My sanity has been in question for some time now.

It just goes to prove what a geek I am that the very idea of seeing the International Space Station from my own backyard is exciting. It makes me want to get up every morning at 5 a.m., curse the clouds and pray for a glimpse at it.

Between this and the launch of Kepler later on tonight, I am officially in geek heaven.

I had a chance to head to Hamtramck to see all of the band. I could've even gotten a free t-shirt and wrist band for doing some video work there. However, hanging out - watching the launch and hoping for a glimpse of the International Space Station early tomorrow morning - well, it all just seems so much cooler than that to me.

And yes, I do realize how much of geek this makes me sound like.


Liza said…
Heh - trying to regain some of your geek cred after that Enterprise mix up, huh?

Speaking of new bands, have you checked out MC Frontalot yet? He's not that new, but wow, I love his latest album, Final Boss. And, Jonathan Coulton sings backup on "Diseases of Yore."

FrankNemecek said…
Yes, I am still working on that.

Thanks for sharing that band's info.

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