Who Designs This Crap?

I see the "geniuses" who run Facebook changed the way pictures display when you click on them in your news stream. I guess they were worried that their upcoming IPO would be too successful.

Not to be outdone in the "crappy interface category", Twitter changed their layout as well. My news stream is now in the right hand column, where I don't expect it to be. I guess this is their way of getting more people to actually look at the "who to follow" box.

If only the "who to follow" box had suggestions in it that were worth following.

All in all, I really have to ask: who designs this crap?

Update @ 10:31 p.m.
I just noticed something unique about the new Facebook photo display. There is now an "featured story" (formerly known as an "advertisement") with every photo that anyone looks at on Facebook.

I don't have problem with Facebook, or anyone else for that matter, making money from a product or service. I just wish that it wasn't as obtrusive and badly designed as this is.

Of course, I also wish that more of my friends used Google Plus so that I wouldn't have to deal with all of this crap in the first place.


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