Women Are Like a Painting by Picasso

I'm once again doing taxes this year. I'm not thrilled to be back in the financial services industry, but I'm good at it and the money is decent.

Anyway, an 80 year old gentleman came into my office yesterday afternoon. He dumped a stack of papers on my desk and asked me to figure out how much owed in taxes. As I was working on his return, we started talking about life. At one point or another during our conversation, the subject of women came up and, in particular, how hard it can be for guys to understand them.

Like a Painting by Picasso
It was at that point that this wise gentleman shared an important insight with me. "A woman is like a great painting by Picasso," he explained with a knowing smile across his face. "You don't have to understand it in order to enjoy having one around."

It took me a moment to soak in the simple brilliance of his analogy.

Truer words, I believe, have never been spoken by any man.


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