Thursday, April 26, 2012

Women Bringing You Sammiches - And Controversy

The Women Bringing You Sandwiches page on Facebook is organizing their 3rd annual "Women Bringing You Sandwiches Day" on May 17. The vast majority of people who have found this page appear to enjoy it for the good heartened joke that it was intended to be. However, there is a certain segment of the internet population that have responded with profanity laced insults, not only for the organizers of this but for those who would participate in it.

Women Bring Sammiches - And Controversy
It's both amazing and, quite frankly, a little depressing that something as simple as woman bringing a sandwich can prompt tirades of profanity and stupidity. I know that there is something about the internet that always brings out the craziest of the crazies. I'm also relieved to note that for every one person who left a such post, there are approximately a hundred other Facebook users who are sensible about it. Still, the anti-women bringing sandwiches tirades are at least a little surprising.

The prevailing sentiment in those comments seems to be that all of the gains that women have made over the past half century would somehow be erased if one of them were to don a bikini voluntarily and deliver a sandwich to the man in her life just once. The only explanation for such a thought process that I can conjure is that haters will always hate.

In a perfect world, the haters would be banned to their own little world where they could only annoy themselves instead of trying to ruin everyone else's fun. However, Facebook is far from a perfect world.

The organizers received an email from Facebook recently, according to a statement on their page, in which the site threatened to remove the page or force its administrators to modify it. Meanwhile, the profanity laced insults that were left were judged by Facebook to be somehow acceptable.

Facebook is far from a perfect world.

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