Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett to Campaign for President Obama's Re-Election

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett recently threatened to remove President Barack Obama from the ballot this year in Arizona due to concerns that President Obama wasn't really born in the United States. He asked the State of Hawaii to confirm the validity of his birth certificate once more.

However, the State of Hawaii hasn't responded to Secretary Bennett's request. This is likely because the Republican Governor of Hawaii Linda Lingell signed a bill into law two years ago making it their state's official policy to ignore such requests because they are so ridiculous and troublesome.

On behalf of Democrats everywhere, I would like to express my profound gratitude to Secretary Bennett and birthers across this great nation. It would normally be very difficult for a sitting President to be re-elected with unemployment as high as it is and with approval ratings as low as President Obama's are.

However, Secretary Bennett and his ilk appear to be going out of their way to make President Obama look amazing in comparison. The more people talk about birth certificates, the less they are talking about other things. This can only be a positive for President Obama's re-election and Democrats nationally.


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