Monday, October 23, 2006

Overtime for a Rock Star

There's only one thing better than seeing one of the hardest - rocking women in Detroit's music scene - and that's seeing her twice in one weekend.

I saw Mary Abraham of Mary Abraham and the Lincolns on Saturday night. They were playing for Battle of the Bare Naked Ladies at Memphis Smoke in Royal Oak. She totally rocked the house in an effort to be lucky one to open for the Bare Naked Ladies when they play in town next month.

(More photos from that evening, by the way, are on my Flickr page.)

Why the folks at 96.3 WDVD didn't pick her band for the gig is beyond me - but that's a subject for another blog posting.

Anyway, when I left Memphis Smoke that evening, I thought it was over.

I thought I had my Mary Abraham fix for the week.

I went downtown the next day to watch the Detroit Tigers beat up the St. Louis Cardinals 3-1 in Game 2 of the World Series. An impromtu World Series party broke out in the streets of Detroit after their victory.

Let's face it: Detroiters love their Tigers and we really, really love the fact that the Detroit Tigers are playing in the World Series.

I started snapping some more photos of it for my blog and Flickr page. I figured that a few World Series party photos that didn't involve a fire of any kind would definately be a good thing.

And then I recognized one of the people who were cheering for the Tigers in front of a television camera.

Yep, it was Mary Abraham again.

Because - let's face it - rock stars like the Detroit Tigers, too.

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