I Love Soccer

Once upon a time, I used to think that soccer was the lamest excuse for a sport ever. Like a lot of Americans, I saw the enthusiasm for it around the world and failed to understand the appeal for it.

I began to see some redeeming qualities in what the rest of the world calls football when Keira Knightley starred in Bend It Like Beckham. (I just allow myself to forget that she was only 17 when she made that movie.)

And this afternoon, two new videos have shown up in my email in-box that give me a whole new appreciation for the game of soccer. (Although, I still can't bring myself to call it "football".)

This is how I believe soccer should be played:

And if soccer was anything like the video below, Major League Soccer might actually be profitable in the United States.

Like I said, I have a new appreciation for the game of soccer.


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