A Modest Proposal

After the disappointing loss that the Detroit Lions suffered yesterday at the hands of the New Orleans Ain'ts, I have a modest proposal to offer William Clay Ford.

It is clear, sir, that your Detroit Lions are not up to playing in the National Football League. Rather than continuing on this 52 year long rebuilding trend, I believe it would be much more appropriate to select randomly a different high school team each week to play in their stead.

This, of course, will give high school athletes in Detroit the kind of playing experience that most teenagers in America only dream of having. It would also save you a few million in player and coaching salaries that are unwarranted anyway.

As for the kind of track records that high school athletes would earn competing against the other teams in the NFL, one only has to ask: how much worse could it possibly get?

Please, Mr. Ford. Think of the children.

Replace the Detroit Lions with some of Detroit's talented high school athletes.


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