Simone Farrow: International Drug King?

Simone Farrow: International Drug Kingpin?
Famed bikini model Simone Farrow was arrested recently in her native Australia. Police allege that she was the mastermind behind an international drug cartel that traffic in methamphetamines between the United States and Australia.

My first thought upon reading of Simone Farrow's arrest was: well, that's one way to stuff a bikini.

Although, I have to admit that Simone Farrow's arrest does turn an interesting page. A lot of models over the years have gone to great lengths to prove that they can do more than just look good in a bikini.

Simone Farrow one-upped all of them by being the mastermind of an international crime syndicate.

And, yes, I do realize how terrible all of these thoughts are.


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