A Modest Compromise in the Contraceptive Debate

On behalf of Democrats everywhere, I would like to propose a modest compromise in the ongoing debate over contraceptives. We'll forget about requiring insurance companies to cover contraceptives if conservatives throughout this great nation simply reimburse the U.S. Treasury for the cost of the Iraq War.

As it is, I find it ironic that certain people have no problems what so ever borrowing a trillion dollars or so from China for one thing but are suddenly frugal when a tiny fraction of that amount is on the line.

And for those who say that the contraceptive debate is about religious freedom; that one should not be forced to have their tax dollars used for things that are contrary to their religious beliefs, I would simply like to remind everyone that one of the earliest and most vocal critics of the Iraq War was Pope John Paul II. His Holiness repeatedly argued that the war was contrary to Christian teachings. In spite of that, those who found the war to be contrary to their religious beliefs still have their tax dollars spent on it.

I fail to see how one can ride roughshod over religious objections when it came to the Iraq War yet insist that they be honor when it comes to contraceptives.

Hence, my offer of a compromise in the contraceptive debate. Democrats everywhere will forget about requiring insurance companies to pay for contraceptives if conservatives simply reimburse the U.S. Treasury for the cost of the Iraq War.


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