Too Sexy to Teach?

Michela Roth - Fired for Being Too Sexy to Teach
American-born model and teacher Michela Roth, age 38, was fired recently from her job teaching nursery school in Italy. Parents were apparently upset about some of the lingerie photos that she took as a model, which evidently established her as being unfit to teach.

Personally, I think the parents and Michela Roth's school overreacted in this situation. None of the photographs were around any of the children. The children were never around any of the modelling sessions nor otherwise exposed to it.

Plus, these are nursery school children. They haven't figured out how to work Google yet. It's not like they are going to find these photos of Michela Roth and develop some "hot for teacher" fetish.

In the end, the only person that I think should be fired was the photographer who took the pictures such as the one above. Harsh direct lighting on a 38 year old model? What was that person thinking?


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