I Called It

I posted on Saturday about Metromix would inevitably resort to posting photos of random bar patrons because there weren't any people from their Access Detroit event at any of the bars other than Bookies. As of that time, the kids at Metromix hadn't posted those photos.

But now they have.

Please note the conspicuous absence of red lanyards, which got you the Access Detroit special, on any patrons at any of the bars other than the one (Bookies) that you could see from the block party. So much for getting people to explore downtown Detroit.

Oh, and I also got a kick out of how they "forgot" to make any references in their post-event coverage to their "special surprise" of the evening.

I also posted on Saturday about how I saw people scratching off, or otherwise obscuring, the Metromix swag that they got - essentially fixing their Metromix. With that in mind, please take a look at my "new" hip flask.

I picked this up at a previous Metromix event. It's been in a drawer for weeks. I've been too embarrassed to even take it out of the box it came in.

But not any more.


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