Men Will Die (Sooner) If We Don't Stare at Boobs

Some rather strange things have come out of Germany, not the least of which is David Hasselhof's popularity. Today, however, we something that is both strange and wonderful from Germany.

Stare and Live Longer
Researchers in Frankfurt, Germany have concluded that staring at women's breasts actually extends a man's lifespan by about five years. Their research is published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Unfortunately, they did not opine on whether or the breasts in question belong to their respective wives or some other random female.

I suspect this study will prompt some curious discussions between couples.

In the meantime, I'm downloading all of the photos I can of Jessica Alba, Katherine HieglParis HiltonSienna MillerRachel Nichols, and Hayden Panettierre. Heck, I might even throw a little Kirsten Haglund or Rima Fakih into the mix as well.


Hahahaha, LOL!!!! Finally, VALIDATION!!!

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