Buy Pretty Underwear

I read about a lot of things on Twitter. It always amazes me how much people can pack into 140 characters.

Hope Dworaczyk Wants Pretty Underwear
For example, Hope Dworaczyk tweeted some advice from the New York Fashion Week.

"Seriously ladies, start buying pretty underwear now," Hope Dworaczyk wrote in an update. "Better yet, hit the gym. So far, everything for spring is super sheer."

I suddenly find myself imagining the woman of America strutting around in super sheer outfits. I think this is a wonderful idea.

I find myself looking forward to spring 2011 already.

My thanks go out to Hope Dworaczyk and the fashion designers of America.


Hmmmmmm, sorry. I can't help but think of all the ladies who wear things they really shouldn't. You have to know what I mean.

Clothes are already cut super small. People who are small or fit or, um, less wigglesome, can wear these super small items. Yet, I constantly see ladies with more shape...? almost wearing the super small, trendy items. With much of themselves left over.

Now, can you imagine all that in shear? And in a thong?
FrankNemecek said…
Dangnabbit, Words!

Yes, I can imagine it. Although, in my imagination, all of the women in America are incredibly beautiful and have an uncontrollable desire to bring me a sandwich every now and then.

Although, yes, I could be really sad and/or scary if any of THESE women ever started wearing shear clothing.
Um, some of them don't....

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