Reflections on the Royal Wedding

It's official. Prince William and Kate Middleton are now husband and wife. They will be henceforth the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Her dress, by the way, looked spectacular this morning. I believe that is the most important part of any wedding.

Our British friends will likely spend the next several days in the midst of an incredible party that, quite frankly, leaves a lot of Americans a bit confused. We rejected the idea of a monarchy long ago, preferring instead to base our culture around Justin Bieber and an assortment of reality television stars.

I'm quite certain this justifies all of the sacrifices that our Founding Fathers made in separating this nation from Great Britain more than two centuries ago.

In the meantime, we have a space shuttle launch in a few hours. Plus, the High Holy of Geek Holidays (a.k.a. Free Comic Book Day) is a mere eight days away.


LOLOL!!! I love your take on our culture. Sadly, it's terribly true.

And, awwww, you watched the wedding!

I'm kinda sad about the shuttle launch.....isn't this the last one?
FrankNemecek said…
Actually, there are still two more of them. The exact dates and times haven't been announced yet.

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