4th Friday Film Festival

Last Friday, was the first 4th Friday Film Festival. I hosted it in conjunction with the 4th Fridays project that the Detroit Metro Visitors & Convention Bureau is doing.

The turnout for the films was a bit lower than I was hoping for (a concert with the Chicago Blues Reunion in Campus Martius Park ran over) but it was still an amazing event. Of course, the real star of the event was the films. (Yes, I'm biased and possibly deluding myself. Everyone needs a hobby.)

The folks from Model D were there to celebrate their one-year anniversay.

I went on the air with WWJ-AM to talk about my documentary on the Book-Cadillac Hotel as well as the other three films that I showed that evening. It was a mildly nerve-wracking experience to go on the air.

Actually, that's not entirely true. Being on the air was a blast. The nerve-wracking part was the moments leading up to my interview, where I was waiting for them to get ready.

The only down-side to the whole thing really was the parking ticket that I got. Urgh!


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