Screening at the DFC

I screened my documentary, Checking In: The Story of the Book-Cadillac Hotel, at the Detroit Film Center on Saturday evening.

There was a moment where I was a little worried about what attendance was going to be like, because a rather nasty thunderstorm rolled through the area about an hour or so beforehand. There were reports of some sections of the freeways being flooded and I saw one rather nasty traffic accident on my way to the DFC. (No fatalities, thankfully, but one of the cars started to hydroplane and got knocked up pretty bad).

Anyway, in spite of it all, the screening had a rather impressive crowd after all. It was near capacity, in fact. I think the DFC only had a handful of vacant seats, which was great to see.

My next screening is tomorrow (June 6) at the Historic Trinity Lutheran Church at 7 p.m. (Hey, what better way to spend 6/6/06 than in a church?). The Church is at 1345 Gratiot Avenue in Detroit (on-line at

Anyway, if you haven't seen it already, there's a preview of my film on the web at or


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Sorry again that we missed your screenings. Hopefully everything went well. Talk with you later!


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