Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Book Is Back!!!

It has finally happened. The redevelopment of the Book-Cadillac Hotel - that landmark subject of my documentary - is finally moving forward again.

I was at the announcement yesterday at the Detroit Athletic Club and I was impressed by every aspect of it. I was shooting pictures from behind the TV camera men and newspaper photographers. Still, it was great to see Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and Governor Jennifer Granholm take the stage and praise this project.

George Jackson, president of the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, took a swipe at some of the preservation groups around town when he said, "The folks standing on this stage are the real preservationists."

Yeah, well - as long as he's doing what I want him to do and is redeveloping historic properties instead of knocking them down for another vacant lot (*cough, cough* - Madison-Lenox and Statler Hotels) - he can talk as much trash about me at the other members of the FoBC as he darn well wants to.

It was also great to here Governor Granholm say that Michigan as a whole cannot be a success with a vibrant and redeveloped Detroit. Believe it or not - for a governor say that in Michigan is pretty much a major milestone.

The Book-Cadillac Hotel will re-open in mid-2008 as a 4 star hotel. There will even be 60+ condominiums available for purchase in the hotel. I'm totally looking forward to being "Booked at the Book."

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kristinknits said...

Very good news! : )