Topless Monday?

I was driving along Ford Road the other day, when I noticed a sign that really grabbed my attention. It was at the Toy Chest (a topless bar near where I live) and it advertised "Topless Mondays".
I can't help but wonder: how are "Topless Mondays" different from every other day of the week?


darling24_7 said…
Hmm anyone oging in for research? lol :)
FrankNemecek said…
It's funny you should say that, Darling. I eventually gave into temptation and went in for some "research".

It turns out that "Topless Mondays" is when the waitresses are topless as well as the dancers. Imagine that.

Love & laughter,
darling24_7 said…
LOL too funny. I wonder if the waitresses knew that going when they first started. Then again they could always opt not to work on Mondays :) lol

And the standing up doesnt always have to be done. Its just makes me feel even more like lady when it does happen. *blush*


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