Another Experiment

I posted a simple experiment two weeks ago. I wondered how many people who visit my blog simply by me adding the words Kam Carmen into a blog post. The answer to that experiment is 197, thanks to data from Google Analytics.

And now I wonder something else.

Let's just say - hypothetically speaking - that some random blog were to publish a post about the marital infidelities of some random television and/or radio personality as well as about her subsequent divorce. This would be even more interesting if this television and/or radio personality had gone our of her way to put her marriage in the public realm by - oh, I don't know - getting married on live television during a news broadcast.

As I ponder the possiblity of this happening, I can't help but wonder: how would said television and/or radio personality respond?

The way I see things, this person would have two options.

Option #1. Do nothing. Such a personality would have the proverbial egg on their face and that would make for a few uncomfortable weeks. However, eventually everyone would forget about the story and move on.

(Yes, stock photography really is a beautiful thing.)

Option #2. Attack the blog for commenting on your high-profile and very public marriage. This is essentially the same tactic that Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick has taken for months now by attacking the news media that reported on his conduct. It really hasn't worked well for him.

The most problem obvious problem that this option creates is that it keeps the story alive, long after it would have otherwise died out.

It also opens the story up for discussion and reporting by people who normally wouldn't even notice it. This starts with your competitors at rival television and radio stations and continues on from there.

It would seem to me that Option #1 is the better one by a long shot. However, I can't help but wonder: just how smart is the average television and/or radio personality?


Liza said…
Hey Frank!

I recently came across this picture in my contacts' photos on Flickr and it made me giggle. I am sure you will enjoy it too:

And no, this is not a spam message, no matter how much it might read like one.

Hope you're having a good day!
Liza said…
Darnitol! I forgot the tags:
Peep Show

rsena7386 said…
I'm one of the 197 who "Googled" Kam Carman during your experiment.
I had read the Pam Parman/Kam Carman thread on D-Tales' blog first.
I'd like to know whether or not D-Tales was forced to remove her posts about Kam under threat from either Kam or her attorney? Personally, I didn't see anything in D-Tales' blog about Kam that was "actionably" libelous, just a lot of insinuation and opinion.
I'm disappointed that D-Tales deleted those posts...for whatever reason.
Do you know of any other blogs or web forums that have news or gossip about Detroit-area media personalities?
Frank said…
Yes, D-Tales received a letter from Kam Carmen's lawyer in which she demanded a retraction. The letter in question, in fact, was briefly posted on the D-Tales blog before some of her friend urged her to take it down.

As for other gossip blogs, D-Tales is the only one that I know of that focuses on Detroit.

Love & laughter,
Mimi said…
Hey -- while we are talking about personalities on Magic Radio, why is Linda Lanci ***really*** leaving the show after more than 20 years? ~ Mimi
Loney said…
Mimi - You know Linda left because Jim Harper constantly made a point of talking all over the top of her, right?
funnyface said…
Do you "think" it Loney, or do you "know" it? His big mouth is all over the place on that show. Were you listening the morning he just yelled "Shuuuuut Up" when Cyndy was talking? Guess it is all what you can tolerate. - Mimi

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