Googling Erica

I was talking with a friend of mine, Erica Dunham, recently.

It turns out that she Googled herself and all she found was a series of references to that other Erica Dunham. The one from the industrial rock band Utter Null.

Even when she Googled "Erica Dunham" + London, England she still didn't find anything that related specifically to her.

It seems a shame to me that someone as cool as her would not have single reference to her on the entire world wide web.

And now here it is. A blog post about Erica Dunham of Ann Arbor, Michigan and London, England. Complete with a photo of her from Detroit Synergy's Shop Detroit event back in December of 2005.

Welcome to the Googleverse, Erica!


jeffrothner said…
Frank-- When you next chat with Erica could you please ask her to call me in London--- It's been a long time since I heard from her!!!
Jeff Rothner
Jenny said…
I'm sure she's vastly more amazing than the other one.
Cara said…
I haven't seen Erica since my friend Troy and I were at Michigan State. Tell her that I said Hi.

Cara Massey
jeffrothner said…
Well Cara I havn't heard from Erica since October 2006, but if she should make contact again I will certainly say Hi from you.

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