International Party Crasher

The SAE 2008 World Congress is now over. One of the cool things about this annual event is that there are always lots of cool, swanky parties after the official business. Of course, the coolest thing about the SAE World Congress is that if you put on a suit and act like you belong, you can usually walk right into these cool, swanky parties to score some really good free food and free booze.

I had to work late both Monday and Tuesday so I didn't get to crash any of those parties. Yesterday, however, was a different story. I was free for some quality party crashing.

I started my evening off at Coach Insignia where I managed to get into a private party that was hosted by the British Consulate. The food was top-notch (it was held at Coach Insignia, after all) and the booze was plentiful. I even picked up three toy-sized Mini Coopers that they were giving away as swag at the door.

What can I say? The British really know how to throw a proper cocktail reception that simply can't be beat.

After there, I headed over to Loco's Bar & Grill in Greektown for another reception that was hosted by the Mexican Consulate. I had a couple of really good tacos, a perfectly prepared Margarita and a lengthy conversation about politics and economics with a former diplomat who was also cruising the party circuit that evening.

To sum it all up: my name is Frank Nemecek and I'm an international party crasher.


darling24_7 said…
love parties. Private ones are nice too lol specially when you crash lol
FrankNemecek said…

My only regret is that you couldn't be with us for the aforementioned party crashing. You'll have to come out for the SAE convention next year and the hugely swanky parties that are thrown during it.

If nothing else, it would be oddly appropriate to bring a Canadian with me when I crash a party hosted by the Canadian consulate.

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