My Next Ex-Girlfriend

Blah! It's 2 a.m. I was in bed a little while ago.

For most folks, going to bed is a simple, uncomplicated affair. For me, it usually means that a bunch of thoughts start running around in my head. (Well, they're always running around in my head. That's why this blog is entitled "The Voices in Frank's Head".)

Anyway, the prevailing thought in my mental loop today involved the fact that I write one of the highest ranked blogs on the subject of "dating in your 30s". I'm currently number 10 out of 1,230,000. In spite of this, I haven't been on an actual date in three, almost four, months.


This is my definition of irony.

The fact of the matter is that I haven't been on a date because I haven't come across anyone that I actually wanted to go on a date with. And it's not like I'm not meeting people either. I'm out around town at least three nights a week, sometimes more.

I meet women. I just haven't met any that I wanted to spend a significant amount of time with.

I tried thinking of a way that properly sums all of this up. I finally came up with it.

"My Next Ex-Girlfriend" by Bowling for Soup. It's on their A Hangover You Didn't Deserve album. It perfectly describes how I feel at this moment.

I found an amateur video for the song on YouTube. The video itself isn't all that spectacular, but the song itself is priceless.

Now please excuse me as I listen to this song over and over again.


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