Saturday, February 13, 2010

1 Out of 30

One of my friends, Valerie Richards, has decided to go on thirty dates, with thirty different guys, in thirty days. This was one of those unique situations where she mentioned an idea to a few of her friends and, almost immediately, her adventure had gone huge.
  • She has a couple hundred people following her on Facebook;
  • After 5 Detroit has given her the opportunity to write about her dates for a feature there; and
  • Her story was even featured on Channel 7 News last yesterday evening.
The video from her story is available below.

I write about all of this on my blog because this morning, I got to become one of her thirty dates.  In fact, I was a her very first one in this adventure.

We met this morning at the R.J. Hirt, Jr. Company in Eastern Market. She suggested that we go on a walking tour of the market that was led by the folks at Feet on the Streets tours and I was game for it.

Luckily, we were a few minutes early so we able to run next door to Vivio's for coffee. This gave us a chance to talk; me about all of the post-NATPE craziness surrounding the TV show that my partners and I putting together and her about everything else in her life.

After a few minutes of that, it was back to R.J. Hirt for the tour. I had been inside that store more times than I could count over the past several years.

However, I still learned a few new things about the place. Our tour guide explained how the business got started, who R.J. Hirt was, and how the building had evolved over time as stairways were moved and additions were built on. We even got to go into a couple of parts of the store that the public isn't normally allowed to enter, such as the part that used to be the Hirt family's living quarters on the second floor.

I found myself wishing that I had brought my camera with me at several points during our date. Luckily, Valerie did, as did some of the others who were on our tour, so I'm sure there will be photos here soon.

We went from R.J. Hirt to Gabriel Importing Company to sample their olives, meat pies, and other general yumminess. We also went to Savvy Chic, which is one of those cool stores that you simply have to visit to believe.  (Again, I curse my lack of a camera on this trip.)

As a side note, I have to admit that I felt a tiny bit of awkwardness when our date started. Valerie and I had been friends for years so crossing that line into dating, even for a special situation like this, was a bit odd at first. However, after an hour or so into our date it seemed completely natural.

Anyway, we next wondered through the sheds, got to sample a few different foods, and talk some more. Unfortunately, she had to leave before this tour was officially over because she had another date later in the day.

Oh, well - that left more food for me at the final stop on this tour - Supino Pizzeria.

All in all, it was a fun morning.

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