Facebook Jumps the Shark

First, there was Friendster. But then it got lame and no one used it anymore.

Then came MySpace. But it got to be too frustrating and hardly anyone uses it anymore either.

Now we have Facebook, which is clearly on the verge of jumping the shark and becoming a shadow of its former self. They go through "updates" faster than a whorehouse goes through condoms. Before one even figures out how a given update actually works, they unleash yet another one for users to stumble their way through.

All of which makes me wonder: what's the next social networking site?

After Facebook has officially gone the way of Friendster, who will be next?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


Shondira said…
I wish I knew because I'd buy stock in it!
Frank said…
Well, that just means that you and I will have to start our own version.


Wheels are starting to turn.

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