Annoyed With Google

I'm annoyed with Google and their AdSense program at the moment.

They sent me this coupon for $50 worth of free advertising. I used it to promote my blog. I was skeptical as to whether or not it would be worth it. However, since they offered it, I decided to take them up on it.

There was an increase in traffic to my site, but no increase in revenue. I thought it was set up to end once the $50 that they gave me was used up.

But I was wrong.

They continued to bill me for the increased, non-revenue producing traffic. I know this because I got my credit card statement in the mail today. The definitely charged me for it.

Anyway, I have a favor to ask.  Do you see those ads that appear below this post?

Please click one of them. It's the only way that I make any money from this blog and, at the moment, I have some catching up to do.


I have the same issues! They sent me a gift card for $100 and, because of what a friend told me about the cost of ads on facebook, I tore it up. It's $25 per click. I knew that sooner rather than later, I'd be the one coughing up the money to pay for the clicking! Uh uh, not me! I'll click an ad for ya!
FrankNemecek said…
You're the best, Words!

Thank you,

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